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y Y;y [ワイ]
/(n) Y/y/EntL2594220/
yacht ヨット
/(n) yacht (usually only used for a sailing boat with one mast)/(P)/EntL1137620X/
yacht club ヨットクラブ
/(n) yacht club/yachting club/EntL2003930X/
yacht harbor ヨットハーバー
/(n) yacht harbor/yacht harbour/(P)/EntL1137630X/
yacht harbour ヨットハーバー
/(n) yacht harbor/yacht harbour/(P)/EntL1137630X/
yacht race ヨットレース
/(n) yacht race/EntL2501280/
yachtel ヨッテル
/(n) yachtel (combination of yacht and hotel)/EntL1137610X/
yachting club ヨットクラブ
/(n) yacht club/yachting club/EntL2003930X/
yacon ヤーコン
/(n) yacon (Andean species of plant grown for its tuber; Smallanthus sonchifolius)/EntL2240480X/
yak ヤク
/(n) yak/EntL2165500X/
yak hair dyed red 赤熊;赭熊 [しゃぐま]
/(n) (1) yak hair dyed red/red hair/(2) frizzled fake hair/curly fake hair/EntL2667270/
yak tail hair 白熊 [はぐま]
/(n) yak tail hair/EntL2667250/
yak-killer hornet 雀蜂;胡蜂 [すずめばち;スズメバチ]
/(n) (1) (uk) hornet/yellow jacket/wasp (of subfamily Vespinae)/(2) (uk) (See 大雀蜂・おおすずめばち) Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia)/yak-killer hornet/EntL1373590X/
大雀蜂;大スズメバチ [おおすずめばち(大雀蜂);おおスズメバチ(大スズメバチ);オオスズメバチ]
/(n) (uk) (See スズメバチ・1) Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia)/yak-killer hornet/EntL2404400/
yakiniku 焼き肉(P);焼肉(P) [やきにく]
/(n) yakiniku (Japanese dish of fried meat)/Korean barbecue/(P)/EntL1605420X/
yakitori 焼き鳥(P);焼鳥(P) [やきとり]
/(n) yakitori (chicken pieces grilled on a skewer)/(P)/EntL1605410X/
yaksha 夜叉 [やしゃ]
/(n) yaksha (Buddhist guardian deities sometimes depicted as demonic warriors) (san: yaksa)/EntL1536750X/
yakuza やくざ(P);ヤクザ
/(n) (1) (possibly from 八九三) professional gambler or ruffian (esp. a member of the Japanese mafia)/yakuza (member)/(adj-na,n) (2) uselessness/purposelessness/(P)/EntL1012760X/
極道;獄道 [ごくどう]
/(adj-na) (1) wicked/evil/profligate/immoral/(n) (2) wickedness/evildoing/(3) (See やくざ) organized crime/yakuza/underworld/EntL1760650X/
筋者 [すじもの;すじもん]
/(n) (col) yakuza/EntL2603450/
渡世人 [とせいにん]
/(n) gambler/yakuza/person without a legitimate job/EntL1739610X/
任侠団体;仁侠団体 [にんきょうだんたい]
/(n) (sl) (pol) (See 暴力団) (often used self-referentially) yakuza (Japanese mafia) (lit: chivalrous organization)/EntL2158660/
暴力団 [ぼうりょくだん]
/(n) gangster organization (organisation)/crime syndicate/yakuza (Japanese mafia)/band of thugs/group of hoodlums/(P)/EntL1519600X/
暴力団員 [ぼうりょくだんいん]
/(n) (See 暴力団) gangster/mobster/yakuza (member)/EntL1947080X/
yakuza finger-cutting ritual 指詰め [ゆびつめ]
/(n) (1) (See 指を詰める・2) getting one's finger caught (e.g. in a door)/getting one's finger pinched/jamming one's finger in a door/(2) yakuza finger-cutting ritual/EntL2093690/
yakyuken 野球拳 [やきゅうけん]
/(n) strip version of rock-paper-scissors forfeit game/yakyuken/EntL2036750X/
yam とろろ芋 [とろろいも]
/(n) yam/EntL1008750X/
八つ頭;八頭 [やつがしら]
/(n) (See 里芋) form of taro/yam/EntL1954370X/
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