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c C;c [シー]
/(n) C/c/EntL2594020/
c'est la vie しゃあない
/(exp) (osb:) (See 仕方がない) it can't be helped/so it goes/c'est la vie/EntL2113460X/
ca et la サエラ
/(exp) ca et la (fre:)/EntL1056440X/
cab-behind-engine bus ボンネットバス
/(n) bus with front engine/cab-behind-engine bus/EntL2057790X/
cab-tyre cable キャブタイヤケーブル
/(n) cab-tyre cable/EntL2480030/
cabal 陰謀団 [いんぼうだん]
/(n) cabal/EntL2632470/
徒党 [ととう]
/(n,vs,adj-no) conspirators/faction/cabal/clique/EntL1444500X/
cabaret キャバレー
/(n) cabaret (fre:)/(P)/EntL1041700X/
風俗営業 [ふうぞくえいぎょう]
/(n) (1) business offering food and entertainment/cabaret, club and restaurant business/(2) sex industry/EntL1844160X/
cabaret club キャバクラ
/(n) (abbr) cabaret club/EntL1041690X/
cabbage キャベツ
/(n) cabbage/(P)/EntL1041870X/
甘藍 [かんらん]
/(n) cabbage/EntL2063850X/
玉菜 [たまな]
/(n) cabbage/EntL1828570X/
cabbage armyworm 夜盗蛾 [よとうが]
/(n) cabbage armyworm/EntL1739780X/
cabbage roll ロールキャベツ
/(n) cabbage roll (wasei: roll cabbage)/stuffed cabbage/EntL2193910X/
cabbageworm 青虫 [あおむし]
/(n) cabbageworm (caterpillar of the cabbage white butterfly)/EntL1381640X/
cabin キャビン(P);ケビン
/(n) cabin/(P)/EntL1041770X/
小屋 [こや]
/(n) hut/cabin/shed/(animal) pen/(P)/EntL1347830X/
船室 [せんしつ]
/(n) stateroom/cabin/(P)/EntL1392000X/
cabin attendant キャビンアテンダント
/(n) cabin attendant/EntL2262140X/
cabin boy 給仕 [きゅうじ]
/(n,vs) (1) waiting on a table/serving (at dinner)/(n) (2) waiter/waitress/waitperson/server/cabin boy/bellboy/page/pageboy/(3) office boy/office girl/EntL1230240X/
cabin crew 客室乗務員 [きゃくしつじょうむいん]
/(n) cabin crew/EntL1932980X/
cabinet カステン
/(n) cabinet, usu. containing medical instruments, medicines, etc. (ger: Kasten)/case/EntL1923350X/
/(n) cabinet (fre:)/EntL1041750X/
/(n) cabinet/housing (of equipment)/(P)/EntL1041760X/
/(n) housing/cabinet/(P)/EntL1095660X/
収納家具 [しゅうのうかぐ]
/(n) closet/cabinet/EntL1698320X/
整理ダンス;整理箪笥 [せいりダンス(整理ダンス);せいりだんす(整理箪笥)]
/(n) bureau/chest of drawers/cabinet/EntL2144350/
箪笥 [たんす]
/(n) (uk) chest of drawers/bureau/cabinet/tansu/dresser/(P)/EntL1418990X/
内閣 [ないかく]
/(n,adj-no) cabinet/(government) ministry/(P)/EntL1457910X/
筐体(P);きょう体;筺体 [きょうたい]
/(n) {comp} cabinet/case/housing/component/unit/chassis/main frame/(P)/EntL1570260X/
cabinet alarm キャビネットアラーム
/(n) {comp} cabinet alarm/EntL2292570/
cabinet created through an unholy alliance 野合政権 [やごうせいけん]
/(n) administration established through an unprincipled political coalition/government of convenience/cabinet created through an unholy alliance/EntL2054430X/
cabinet decision 閣議決定 [かくぎけってい]
/(n) cabinet decision/EntL1989610X/
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