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f F;f [エフ]
/(n) F/f/EntL2594050/
f-number Fナンバー [エフナンバー]
/(n) f-number (photography)/EntL2429640X/
fa ファ
/(n) fa/fah/4th note in the tonic solfa representation of the diatonic scale/EntL2029680X/
fable フェーブル
/(n) fable/EntL2484530/
寓言 [ぐうげん]
/(n) allegory/fable/EntL1712720X/
寓話 [ぐうわ]
/(n,adj-no) fable/allegory/EntL1246410X/
作り話 [つくりばなし]
/(n) fiction/made-up story/fable/fabrication/myth/(P)/EntL1297480X/
例え(P);譬え;喩え [たとえ]
/(n) (1) (esp. 例え) example/(2) (esp. 譬え, 喩え) simile/metaphor/allegory/fable/parable/(P)/EntL1597120X/
譬え話;たとえ話;譬話 [たとえばなし]
/(n) allegory/fable/parable/EntL1891630X/
fabled 伝説上 [でんせつじょう]
/(adj-no) legendary/fabled/fabulous/EntL2648200/
fabless ファブレス
/(n) fabless (wasei: fabless)/without fabrication facilities (esp. a semiconductor company that does not own a factory)/EntL2551940/
fabric テックス
/(n) (1) (senses 1 and 2 are originally from an abbreviation of "texture") soft fiberboard/soft fibreboard/(2) (often used in brand names) cloth/fabric/material/(3) tex/unit of linear mass density of fibres/(P)/EntL1079870X/
/(n) fabric/EntL1108340X/
織り地;織地 [おりじ]
/(n,adj-no) (1) texture/(2) fabric/EntL1832650X/
織物 [おりもの]
/(n) textile/fabric/(P)/EntL1357450X/
地 [じ]
/(n) (1) (abbr) ground/land/earth/soil/(2) the region in question/the local area/(3) skin/(4) texture/fabric/material/weave/(5) base/background/(6) one's true nature/(7) narrative (i.e. descriptive part of a story)/(8) real life/actuality/(9) (in the game of go) captured territory/(10) (See 地謡) noh chorus/(11) (in Japanese dance) accompaniment music/(12) (in Japanese music) basic phrase (usu. repetitive)/(13) base part (of multiple shamisens)/EntL2423320/
反物;段物 [たんもの]
/(n) (1) fabric/cloth/textiles/drapery/dry-goods/piece goods/(2) measure of kimono material/EntL1480930X/
布帛 [ふはく]
/(n) fabric/cloth/EntL2439390/
布地(P);切れ地;切地;裂地 [きれじ(P);ぬのじ(布地)]
/(n) cloth/fabric/(P)/EntL1591910X/
fabric backed wooden floor covering ウッドカーペット
/(n) wood carpet/fabric (or linoleum) backed wooden floor covering/EntL2064880X/
fabric colored in such a manner 摺り込み染め;摺り込み染;摺込染 [すりこみぞめ]
/(n) (obsc) coloring fabric by placing a paper stencil over it and brushing on the dye/fabric colored in such a manner/EntL2179750/
摺り染め;摺り染;摺染 [すりぞめ]
/(n) (1) (obsc) method of patterning fabric by pounding on leaves (or flowers, etc.) placed on it, or by rubbing in dye made from these materials/(2) (See 摺り込み染め) coloring fabric by placing a paper stencil over it and brushing on the dye/fabric colored in such a manner/EntL2179760/
fabric conditioner 柔軟剤;柔軟材 [じゅうなんざい]
/(n) fabric softener/fabric conditioner/EntL2158020/
fabric dyed 地無し [じなし]
/(n) fabric dyed, embroided or impressed so that the original fabric is completely covered/EntL2536670/
fabric of human relationships 人間模様 [にんげんもよう]
/(n) fabric (pattern) of human relationships/EntL2051700X/
fabric pattern 大海 [たいかい(P);おおうみ]
/(n) (1) ocean/large sea/(2) (おおうみ only) fabric pattern/(P)/EntL1413200X/
fabric shaku 呉服尺 [ごふくじゃく]
/(n) (obs) fabric shaku (approx. 36.4 cm)/EntL2243370X/
fabric softener 柔軟剤;柔軟材 [じゅうなんざい]
/(n) fabric softener/fabric conditioner/EntL2158020/
柔軟仕上げ剤 [じゅうなんしあげざい]
/(n) fabric softener/EntL1335490X/
fabric with a brocade and embroidery 錦繍;錦綉 [きんしゅう]
/(n) (1) fabric with a brocade and embroidery/beautiful fabric/beautiful clothes/(2) beautiful poem/beautiful wording/(3) beautiful autumn leaves/beautiful flowers/EntL2598610/
fabricated dream 空夢 [そらゆめ]
/(n) fabricated dream/EntL1676100X/
fabricated story 捏造記事 [ねつぞうきじ]
/(n) fabricated story/cooked up (news) report/EntL2051740X/
fabrication 絵空事;絵空言(iK) [えそらごと]
/(n) fabrication/pipe dream/EntL1977250X/
贋造 [がんぞう]
/(n,vs) counterfeiting/forgery/fabrication/EntL1217480X/
偽り;詐り [いつわり]
/(n,adj-no) lie/falsehood/fiction/fabrication/EntL1224350X/
偽造 [ぎぞう]
/(n,vs,adj-no) (See 偽物) forgery/falsification/fabrication/counterfeiting/(P)/EntL1224580X/
虚構 [きょこう]
/(n) (1) fiction/fabrication/concoction/(adj-no) (2) fictitious/fictional/imaginary/(P)/EntL1232710X/
作り言;作り事 [つくりごと]
/(n,adj-no) fabrication/lie/fiction/EntL1597870X/
作り話 [つくりばなし]
/(n) fiction/made-up story/fable/fabrication/myth/(P)/EntL1297480X/
作話 [さくわ]
/(n,vs) confabulation/fabrication/EntL2629460/
捏造;ねつ造 [ねつぞう]
/(n,vs) fabrication/forgery/falsehood/hoax/EntL1567420X/
拵え事 [こしらえごと]
/(n) invented story/fabrication/EntL1700590X/
捏ち上げ;でっち上げ [でっちあげ]
/(n) (uk) fabrication/put-up job/trumped-up story/frame-up/hoax/EntL1950070X/
譎詐 [きっさ;けっさ]
/(n) falsehood/fabrication/dissimulation/EntL1572920X/
fabulous 嘘のよう [うそのよう]
/(adj-na) (See 様・よう・4) hard to believe/fabulous/unbelievable/incredible/EntL2269170X/
伝説上 [でんせつじょう]
/(adj-no) legendary/fabled/fabulous/EntL2648200/
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