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v V;v [ブイ;ヴィー]
/(n) (1) V/v/(2) (See Vサイン) victory/EntL2594190/
vCJD 変異型クロイツフェルトヤコブ病 [へんいがたクロイツフェルトヤコブびょう]
/(n) (1) (See クロイツフェルトヤコブ病) variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease/vCJD/(2) new variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease/nvCJD/EntL2125880/
vacancy 空き間;空間(io) [あきま]
/(n,adj-no) vacancy/room for rent or lease/EntL1676080X/
空き(P);明き [あき]
/(n) (1) space/room/emptiness/gap/(2) opening/vacancy/empty seat/(3) free time/time to spare/(4) disuse/unused thing/(P)/EntL1609010X/
空き部屋;空部屋 [あきべや]
/(n) available room (hotel)/vacancy/room to let/EntL1245350X/
空席 [くうせき]
/(n,adj-no) vacancy/vacant seat/room/(P)/EntL1245690X/
空虚 [くうきょ]
/(adj-na,n) emptiness/vacancy/(P)/EntL1245500X/
欠員 [けついん]
/(n,adj-no) vacancy/vacant position/(P)/EntL1253930X/
穴(P);孔 [あな]
/(n,n-suf) (1) (See 穴が開く) hole/(2) deficit/shortage/missing person (in a team, meeting, etc.)/(3) vacancy/opening/(4) flaw/(5) profitable place (or item, etc.) not well known by others/(6) upset victory (with a large payoff)/(7) (sl) (See 平土間) pit (of a theater)/(8) (arch) hiding place/(9) (arch) underbelly (of society, etc.)/(P)/EntL1254480X/
欠;缺(oK) [けつ]
/(n) lack/deficiency/vacancy/EntL1956200X/
vacant がらがら
/(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) clattering/rattling/gargling/(adj-na,adj-no) (2) empty/bare/uninhabited/vacant/unoccupied/(3) raspy (voice)/gravelly/(n) (4) rattle (e.g. baby's toy)/EntL1003290X/
空しい(P);虚しい [むなしい]
/(adj-i) vacant/futile/vain/void/empty/ineffective/lifeless/(P)/EntL1245370X/
空っぽ [からっぽ]
/(adj-no,adj-na,n) empty/vacant/hollow/(P)/EntL1245380X/
空空;空々 [くうくう]
/(adj-na,n) empty/vacant/void/EntL1675760X/
vacant and unthinking 空然 [くうぜん]
/(adj-t,adv-to) (1) vacant and unthinking/(2) something that should be there is not/EntL2173310X/
vacant constituency 空白区 [くうはくく]
/(n) vacant constituency/EntL2585930/
vacant expression 虚ろな表情;うつろな表情;空ろな表情 [うつろなひょうじょう]
/(exp,n) vacant expression (on one's face)/blank expression/EntL2670050/
vacant eyes 虚ろな目 [うつろなめ]
/(n) vacant eyes/EntL1860330X/
vacant house 空き家(P);空き屋;空家;明き家;空屋 [あきや]
/(n) vacant house/unoccupied house/(P)/EntL1675850X/
vacant land 閑地 [かんち]
/(n) quiet place/vacant land/fallow ground/undemanding job/sinecure/life of leisurely retirement/EntL1757660X/
空き地(P);空地(P) [あきち(P);くうち(空地)]
/(n) vacant land/(P)/EntL1245340X/
vacant lot or land 空閑地 [くうかんち]
/(n) vacant lot or land/EntL1676070X/
vacant or unoccupied room 空室;空き室 [あきしつ;くうしつ(空室)]
/(n) vacant or unoccupied room/EntL1649450X/
vacant plot of land 更地;新地 [さらち]
/(n) empty lot/vacant plot of land/EntL1279420X/
vacant position 欠員 [けついん]
/(n,adj-no) vacancy/vacant position/(P)/EntL1253930X/
vacant post 空位 [くうい]
/(n) vacant post/post in name only/EntL1245410X/
vacant room 空いている部屋 [あいているへや]
/(n) vacant room/EntL1245300X/
vacant rooms available 空室あり;空室有り [くうしつあり]
/(exp) vacant rooms available/EntL2143900X/
vacant seat 空席 [くうせき]
/(n,adj-no) vacancy/vacant seat/room/(P)/EntL1245690X/
vacant space 空隙 [くうげき]
/(n,adj-no) vacant space/aperture/gap/opening/EntL1245550X/
vacantly うっとり
/(adv,adv-to) (1) (See うっとりする) ecstatically/spellbound/with rapt attention/(2) abstractedly/absentmindedly/absorbedly/vacantly/EntL1631640X/
/(adv) (1) absentmindedly/vacantly/blankly/(2) by oneself/all alone/EntL2235760X/
/(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) (also written as 呆んやり) dimly/faintly/indistinctly/vaguely/(2) (on-mim) absentmindedly/vacantly/carelessly/(3) (on-mim) idly/aimlessly/(n) (4) absence of mind/fool/blockhead/dunce/(P)/EntL1011920X/
/(adv,vs) (1) absent-mindedly/vacantly/idly/lazily/(2) (ぼそっと only) in a whisper/EntL2454630/
/(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) vacantly/blankly/absentmindedly/(2) (on-mim) openmouthed/with one's mouth wide-open/gaping/flabbergasted/(3) (on-mim) with a whack/with a thump/(P)/EntL1011940X/
20 / 1876
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