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u U;u [ユー]
/(n) U/u/EntL2594170/
ubame oak 姥目樫 [うばめがし;ウバメガシ]
/(n) (uk) ubame oak (Quercus phillyraeoides)/EntL2192670X/
今芽樫 [いまめがし;イマメガシ]
/(n) (uk) (obsc) (See 姥目樫) ubame oak (Quercus phillyraeoides)/EntL2192690/
ubiquinone ユビキノン
/(n) (See 補酵素Q) ubiquinone/EntL2443060/
ubiquitous 普遍(P);普偏;普辺 [ふへん]
/(adj-na) universal/ubiquitous/omnipresent/(P)/EntL1602820X/
普遍的 [ふへんてき]
/(adj-na) universal/omnipresent/ubiquitous/(P)/EntL1615290X/
ubiquitous computing ユビキタス
/(adj-na) (abbr) {comp} ubiquitous computing/EntL1988520X/
ubiquity 普偏性;普辺性 [ふへんせい]
/(n) universality/ubiquity/omnipresence/EntL1602830X/
遍在 [へんざい]
/(n,vs) omnipresence/ubiquity/EntL1512330X/
uchimata 内股;内腿 [うちまた(内股);うちもも]
/(n) (1) inner thigh/(n,vs) (2) (うちまた only) (walking) pigeon-toed/one's toes turned inward/(3) (うちまた only) uchimata (judo)/throwing an opponent by putting one's leg between their legs/EntL1582500X/
udder 乳房 [ちぶさ(P);にゅうぼう]
/(n,adj-no) breast/nipple/udder/(P)/EntL1582760X/
udo 独活;獨活(oK) [うど;どっかつ;つちたら(ok);ウド]
/(n) (uk) udo (plant related to ginseng, used in medicine and cooking) (Aralia cordata)/EntL1954090X/
udon 饂飩 [うどん(P);うんどん(ok)]
/(n) (uk) udon (thick Japanese wheat noodles)/(P)/EntL1574470X/
udon flour うどん粉;饂飩粉 [うどんこ]
/(n) udon flour (wheat flour)/EntL1846240X/
udon noodles eaten by dipping in a hot broth 釜揚げうどん;釜揚げ饂飩 [かまあげうどん]
/(n) (See うどん) udon noodles eaten by dipping in a hot broth/EntL2425550X/
udon noodles in broth 掛けうどん;掛け饂飩 [かけうどん]
/(n) (See 素うどん) udon noodles in broth (no trimmings)/EntL1821340X/
素うどん;素饂飩 [すうどん]
/(n) (See 掛けうどん) udon noodles in broth (no trimmings)/EntL2426660/
udon served in a pot with broth 鍋焼き饂飩;鍋焼きうどん [なべやきうどん]
/(n) (See 鍋焼き) udon served in a pot with broth/EntL2524520/
udon with deep-fried tofu 狐うどん;狐饂飩;キツネ饂飩 [きつねうどん(狐うどん;狐饂飩);キツネうどん(キツネ饂飩);キツネウドン]
/(n) (uk) udon with deep-fried tofu/EntL1267390X/
udumbara 優曇華 [うどんげ]
/(n) (1) udumbara (mythical Indian plant often identified with the cluster fig, Ficus glomerata)/(2) something very rare (from the legend that it flowers once in 3000 years)/(3) (See 芭蕉) Japanese fiber banana flower/(4) (See 草蜉蝣) green lacewing eggs/EntL1539550X/
ufology ユーフォロジー
/(n) ufology/EntL1136820X/
ugh えいやっ;えいや
/(int) go for it/heave/ugh/EntL2036430X/
ugliness アグリネス
/(n) ugliness/EntL2156330X/
醜悪 [しゅうあく]
/(adj-na,n) ugliness/meanness/offensiveness/(P)/EntL1333820X/
醜 [しゅう]
/(n) ugliness/EntL2588860/
不器量;不縹緻(oK) [ふきりょう;ぶきりょう]
/(adj-na,n) (1) ugliness/homeliness/(2) lack of ability/incompetence/EntL1583510X/
ugliness and beauty 醜と美 [しゅうとび]
/(exp) ugliness and beauty/EntL1881910X/
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