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a A;a [エー]
/(n) A/a/EntL2594000/
a 'seeming' of ill fortune concerning women 女難の相 [じょなんのそう]
/(n) (See 相・そう) a 'seeming' of ill fortune concerning women/EntL2206390/
a 'seeming' that fortune-tellers relate to one's fortune 相 [そう]
/(n) (1) appearance/look/countenance/(2) (See 女難の相) a 'seeming' that fortune-tellers relate to one's fortune/(3) {ling} aspect/(4) {physics} phase (e.g. solid, liquid and gaseous)/EntL1400810X/
a Buddha 仏様 [ほとけさま]
/(n) (1) a Buddha/(2) deceased person/EntL1502360X/
a Buddha or Bodhisattva taking away suffering and conferring peace 抜苦与楽 [ばっくよらく]
/(n) {Buddh} a Buddha or Bodhisattva taking away suffering and conferring peace/EntL2552940/
a Central Asian Turkic people 鉄勒 [てつろく]
/(n) Tiele people/a Central Asian Turkic people/EntL2574080/
a Chinese book 漢書 [かんしょ]
/(n) a Chinese book/a book written in Chinese/EntL1715070X/
a Doctor of Literature 文学博士 [ぶんがくはかせ]
/(n) a Doctor of Literature/EntL1723260X/
a Fleming フラマン人 [フラマンじん]
/(n) a Fleming/Flemish person/EntL2026960X/
a Japanese dog 日本犬 [にほんけん]
/(n) a Japanese dog/EntL1730080X/
a Japanophile 知日家 [ちにちか]
/(n) a Japanophile/EntL1800120X/
a Korean 朝鮮人 [ちょうせんじん]
/(n) a Korean/EntL1696220X/
a Mr. Nobody 名無しの権兵衛 [ななしのごんべえ]
/(n) (arch) (col) John Doe (usu. used in jest)/a Mr. Nobody/EntL2164920/
a Muromachi era Japanese dictionary 節用集 [せつようしゅう]
/(n) a Muromachi era Japanese dictionary/EntL1722040X/
a Protestant 新教徒 [しんきょうと]
/(n) a Protestant/EntL1720460X/
a Taiwanese 台湾人 [たいわんじん]
/(n) a Taiwanese/EntL1412860X/
a Taoist 道家 [どうか]
/(n) a Taoist/EntL1770780X/
道士 [どうし]
/(n) a person of high morals/a Taoist/EntL1770590X/
a Westerner 紅毛碧眼 [こうもうへきがん]
/(n) red-haired and blue-eyed (person)/a Westerner/EntL2030870X/
青目;青眼 [あおめ]
/(n) (1) blue eyes/(2) a Westerner/EntL2141400/
a baby's first bath 産湯 [うぶゆ]
/(n) a baby's first bath/EntL1754920X/
a bad debt 焦げ付き [こげつき]
/(n) a bad debt/EntL1733790X/
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