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p P;p [ピー]
/(n) P/p/EntL2594130/
p-mail ピーメイル
/(n) {comp} p-mail/EntL2322540X/
p-sound 半濁音符 [はんだくおんふ]
/(n) maru mark/semivoiced sound/p-sound/EntL1637790X/
半濁音 [はんだくおん]
/(n) semivoiced sound/p-sound/EntL1479630X/
半濁点 [はんだくてん]
/(n) maru mark/semivoiced sound/p-sound/EntL1637780X/
p.m. 午後(P);午后(oK) [ごご]
/(n-adv,n-t) afternoon/p.m./(P)/EntL1268990X/
pH pH [ペーハー;ピーエイチ]
/(n) (ペーハー is from German) pH (measure of acidity)/concentration of hydrogen ions/EntL1120550X/
/(n) pH/EntL2491510/
液性 [えきせい]
/(adj-na,adj-no) pH/humoral/EntL1175020X/
pH [ペーハー;ピーエイチ] /(n) (ペーハー is from German) pH (measure of acidity)/concentration of hydrogen ions/EntL1120550X/
pa お父さん(P);御父さん [おとうさん(P);おとっさん(ok)]
/(n) (hon) (See 父さん) father/dad/papa/pa/pop/daddy/dada/(P)/EntL1002590X/
父ちゃん [とうちゃん;とっちゃん]
/(n) (chn) dad/daddy/papa/pa/pop/EntL2519060/
父さん [とうさん]
/(n) (See お父さん) father/dad/papa/pa/pop/daddy/dada/(P)/EntL1610490X/
paaramitaa 波羅蜜 [はらみつ;ぱらみつ;パラミツ]
/(n) (1) paaramitaa/entrance into Nirvana/(2) (often パラミツ) jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)/EntL1626240X/
pace ペース
/(n) pace/(P)/EntL1120510X/
運び [はこび]
/(n,n-suf) progress/pace/carriage/step/stage/(P)/EntL1625860X/
緩急 [かんきゅう]
/(n) (1) pace/tempo/slow and fast/(2) in case of emergency/(P)/EntL1214470X/
球速 [きゅうそく]
/(n) speed of a pitched ball/(pitcher's) pace/EntL1950850X/
足下(P);足元(P);足もと;足許 [あしもと(P);そっか(足下)]
/(n,adj-no) (1) at one's feet/underfoot/one's step (as in "watch your step")/(n) (2) gait/pace/step/(pn) (3) you/thou/(P)/EntL1586390X/
足(P);脚(P);肢 [あし]
/(n) (1) (esp. 足) foot/(2) (esp. 脚,肢) leg/(3) gait/(4) pace/(5) (usu. 脚) bottom structural component (i.e. radical) of a kanji/(6) (足 only) means of transportation/(P)/EntL1404630X/
足並み(P);足並 [あしなみ]
/(n) pace/step/(P)/EntL1404950X/
歩調 [ほちょう]
/(n) pace/step/cadence/(P)/EntL1514410X/
歩幅 [ほはば]
/(n) step/pace/EntL1954700X/
pacemaker ペースメーカー(P);ペースメーカ
/(n) (1) pacemaker/(2) pacesetter/(P)/EntL1120530X/
pacesetter ペースメーカー(P);ペースメーカ
/(n) (1) pacemaker/(2) pacesetter/(P)/EntL1120530X/
pacha パシャ
/(n) pasha/pacha/EntL2491780/
pachinko パチンコ(P);ぱちんこ
/(n,vs) (1) (usu. パチンコ) pachinko (Japanese pinball)/(2) slingshot/catapult/(P)/EntL1101660X/
pachinko machine パチンコ台 [パチンコだい]
/(n) pachinko (Japanese pinball) machine/EntL1101670X/
pachycephalosaur 堅頭竜 [けんとうりゅう]
/(n) pachycephalosaur (any dinosaur of infraorder Pachycephalosauria)/EntL2452190/
pachycephalosaurus パキケファロサウルス
/(n) pachycephalosaurus/EntL2026260X/
pacification 慰撫 [いぶ]
/(n,vs) pacification/soothing/EntL1156940X/
宣撫 [せんぶ]
/(n,vs) pacification/EntL2166810/
鎮撫 [ちんぶ]
/(n,vs) pacification/placating/EntL1705180X/
鎮静 [ちんせい]
/(n,vs,adj-no) (esp. human-induced) (See 沈静・ちんせい) calm/quiet/tranquility/tranquillity/appeasement/pacification/EntL1432120X/
pacification work 宣撫工作 [せんぶこうさく]
/(n) pacification work (activity)/EntL2049000X/
pacifier おしゃぶり
/(n) teething ring/pacifier/dummy/EntL1001280X/
pacifism 反戦主義 [はんせんしゅぎ]
/(n) pacifism/EntL1680410X/
非戦論 [ひせんろん]
/(n) pacifism/EntL1688860X/
平和思想 [へいわしそう]
/(n) pacifism/pacifist thought/EntL2661580/
平和主義 [へいわしゅぎ]
/(n,adj-no) pacifism/EntL1508190X/
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