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j J;j [ジェー]
/(n) J/j/EntL2594080/
jab ジャブ
/(n) jab (esp. in boxing)/(P)/EntL1065630X/
jabber ジャバ
/(n) {comp} Java/jabber/EntL2302350X/
/(n) {comp} jabber/EntL2302360X/
超過送信 [ちょうかそうしん]
/(n) {comp} jabber/EntL2375340/
jabber control ジャバ制御 [ジャバせいぎょ]
/(n) {comp} jabber control/EntL2302460X/
超過送信制御 [ちょうかそうしんせいぎょ]
/(n) {comp} jabber control/EntL2375350/
jabbering 口性無い;口性ない;口さがない [くちさがない]
/(adj-i) gossipy/abusive/critical/jabbering/EntL1276440X/
jacinth 青玉 [せいぎょく]
/(n) sapphire/jacinth/EntL1381450X/
jack ジャッキ
/(n) jack/(P)/EntL1065400X/
/(n) jack/(P)/EntL1065410X/
万力 [まんりき]
/(n) vise/jack/capstan/EntL1526600X/
jack mackerel 鯵(P);鰺 [あじ(P);アジ]
/(n) (uk) horse mackerel (Carangidae spp., esp. the Japanese horse mackerel, Trachurus japonicus)/jack mackerel/pompano/scad/(P)/EntL1586400X/
jack o'lantern ジャック・オ・ランターン;ジャックオランターン
/(n) (See ジャックランタン) jack-o'-lantern/jack o'lantern/EntL2234770/
/(n) (See ジャックオランターン) jack-o'-lantern/jack o'lantern/EntL2234760X/
jack of all trades 多芸は無芸 [たげいはむげい]
/(exp) being multi-talented means never really being especially good at any one thing/jack of all trades, master of none/EntL2168360/
jack-in-a-box びっくり箱 [びっくりばこ]
/(n) jack-in-the-box/jack-in-a-box/EntL2429020X/
jack-in-the-box びっくり箱 [びっくりばこ]
/(n) jack-in-the-box/jack-in-a-box/EntL2429020X/
jack-in-the-pulpit 天南星 [てんなんしょう;テンナンショウ]
/(n) (uk) jack-in-the-pulpit/cobra lily (plant of genus Arisaema)/EntL2167870/
jack-knife ジャックナイフ
/(n) jack-knife/EntL1065420X/
jack-o'-lantern ジャック・オ・ランターン;ジャックオランターン
/(n) (See ジャックランタン) jack-o'-lantern/jack o'lantern/EntL2234770/
/(n) (See ジャックオランターン) jack-o'-lantern/jack o'lantern/EntL2234760X/
鬼火 [おにび]
/(n) will-o'-the-wisp/jack-o'-lantern/EntL1224210X/
jackal ジャッカル
/(n) jackal (carnivores, Canis aureus ssp., C. adustus, C. mesomelas)/EntL1065390X/
jackanapes 小職;小童 [こじょく]
/(n) (1) (arch) girl-in-training (e.g. a geisha-in-training or a girl who performs miscellaneous tasks in a brothel)/(2) (arch) (derog) (See 小童・こわっぱ) brat/scamp/rascal/jackanapes/(3) (arch) (original meaning) disciple/apprentice/EntL2576970/
jackass penguin ケープペンギン
/(n) Cape penguin/African penguin/blackfooted penguin/jackass penguin (Spheniscus demersus)/EntL2157530X/
jacket ウインドブレーカー;ウィンドブレーカー
/(n) windbreaker/jacket/EntL1025620X/
/(n) jacket/jumper/(P)/EntL1065840X/
/(n) (1) jacket/(2) book jacket/dust cover/(P)/EntL1065170X/
/(n) {comp} jacket/book jacket/dust cover/EntL2307840X/
/(n) jacket (ger: Jacke)/EntL1136320X/
上表紙 [うわびょうし]
/(n) cover/front cover/wrapper/jacket/EntL1354220X/
上着(P);上衣;表着 [うわぎ(P);じょうい(上衣)]
/(n,adj-no) coat/tunic/jacket/outer garment/(P)/EntL1580340X/
jacket picture ジャケ写 [ジャケしゃ]
/(n) jacket picture (i.e. of a record)/EntL1065180X/
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