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P P;p [ピー]
/(n) P/p/EntL2594130/
P-valve Pバルブ [ピーバルブ]
/(n) P-valve/urinal built into a diver's dry suit/EntL2211420X/
P-wave P波;ピー波 [ピーは]
/(n) P-wave (e.g. of earthquake)/primary wave/EntL2148720X/ address 私書箱番号 [ししょばこばんごう]
/(n) {comp} Post Office box address/ address/EntL2359320/
P.S. 追伸(P);追申 [ついしん]
/(n) postscript/P.S./PS/(P)/EntL1432540X/
追啓 [ついけい]
/(n) (See 追伸) postscript/P.S./PS/EntL2659680/
追って;追而 [おって]
/(adv,conj) (1) (追って only) later on/shortly/presently/afterwards/in due course/by and by/(2) P.S./EntL1852860X/
P24T ピーニーヨンティー
/(n) {comp} P24T/EntL2322500X/
P2H4 ジホスフィン
/(n) {chem} (See リン化水素・2) diphosphine/diphosphane/P2H4/EntL2570770/
リン化水素;燐化水素 [リンかすいそ(リン化水素);りんかすいそ(燐化水素)]
/(n) (1) {chem} (See ホスフィン) phosphine/phosphane/PH3/hydrogen phosphide/phosphorus trihydride/(2) diphosphine/diphosphane/P2H4/(3) solid hydrogen phosphides (a yellow powder)/EntL2509090/
P3C P3C [ピーさんシー]
/(n) Lockheed P-3 Orion (anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft)/P3C/EntL2667890/
P3C [ピーさんシー] /(n) Lockheed P-3 Orion (anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft)/P3C/EntL2667890/
P5 ピーゴ
/(n) {comp} P5/EntL2322280X/
P54C ピーゴーヨンシー
/(n) {comp} P54C/EntL2322300X/
P55C ピーゴーゴーシー
/(n) {comp} P55C/EntL2322290X/
P6 ピーロク
/(n) {comp} P6/EntL2322560X/
P7 ピーナナ
/(n) {comp} P7/EntL2322490X/
P;p [ピー] /(n) P/p/EntL2594130/
PA 休憩所 [きゅうけいじょ]
/(n) rest area/rest stop/service area/SA/parking area (e.g. off highways)/PA/(P)/EntL1227750X/
PA system 拡音設備 [かくおんせつび]
/(n) (music) speaker system/PA system/EntL2534300/
拡声設備 [かくせいせつび]
/(n) loudspeaker system/PA system/EntL2534290/
PA system on a train 車内放送 [しゃないほうそう]
/(n) in-car announcement (on a train)/PA system on a train/EntL2666750/
PA-RISC ピーエーリスク
/(n) {comp} PA-RISC/EntL2322130X/
PABX 自動式構内交換機 [じどうしきこうないこうかんき]
/(n) {comp} private automatic branch exchange/private branch exchange/PABX/PBX/EntL2360860/
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