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r R;r [アール]
/(n) (1) R/r/(2) {math} (esp. r) radius/(3) (uk) curve/EntL2594150/
raayu ラー油;辣油 [ラーゆ(ラー油);らーゆ(辣油);らぜゆ(辣油)]
/(n) (uk) Chinese red chile oil (chile, chilli) (chi: layou)/raayu/EntL1137730X/
rabbi ラビ
/(n,adj-no) rabbi (heb:)/EntL2136230X/
律法学者 [りっぽうがくしゃ]
/(n) (1) rabbi/(2) scribe (Biblical)/EntL2522050/
rabbit ラビット
/(n) rabbit/EntL2508850/
兎(P);兔;菟(iK) [うさぎ(P);ウサギ]
/(n) (uk) rabbit/hare/coney/cony/lagomorph (esp. leporids)/(P)/EntL1443970X/
rabbit fever 野兎病 [やとびょう]
/(n) rabbit fever/tularemia (tularaemia)/EntL2198550/
rabbit fish ラビットフィッシュ;カイブツギンザメ
/(n) rabbit fish (Chimaera monstrosa)/EntL2551260/
rabbit horns 兎角(P);左右 [とかく]
/(adv,adj-no,n,vs) (1) (doing) various things/(doing) this and that/(2) being apt to/being prone to/tending to become/(3) somehow or other/anyhow/anyway/(4) (兎角 only) {Buddh} (See 亀毛兎角) rabbit horns (used as a metaphor for things that do not exist)/(P)/EntL1444050X/
rabbit hunting 兎狩り [うさぎがり]
/(n) rabbit hunting/EntL1444080X/
rabbit hutch 兎小屋 [うさぎごや]
/(n) rabbit hutch/EntL1712310X/
rabbit jumping ウサギ跳び;兎跳び [ウサギとび(ウサギ跳び);うさぎとび(兎跳び)]
/(n,vs) jumping along in a squatting position/rabbit jumping/EntL2520730/
rabbit meat 兎肉 [とにく]
/(n) rabbit meat/EntL1444090X/
rabbit punch ラビットパンチ
/(n) rabbit punch/EntL2472580/
rabbit-catching net 兎網 [うさぎあみ]
/(n) rabbit-catching net/EntL1444110X/
rabbitear iris 杜若;燕子花;燕子(iK) [かきつばた;カキツバタ]
/(n) (uk) rabbitear iris (Iris laevigata)/EntL1953990X/
rabbitface spinefoot ハナアイゴ
/(n) streamlined spinefoot (Siganus argenteus, species of Indo-Pacific rabbitfish)/Roman-nose spinefoot/forktail rabbitfish/rabbitface spinefoot/EntL2543450/
rabbitfish アイゴ属 [アイゴぞく]
/(n) Siganus (genus of perciform fishes in the family Siganidae)/rabbitfish/spinefoot/foxface/EntL2546700/
rabble 有象無象 [うぞうむぞう]
/(n) mob/the masses/rabble/riffraff/EntL1745650X/
rabid dog 病犬 [やまいぬ]
/(n) bad dog/rabid dog/EntL2600900/
rabies 狂犬病 [きょうけんびょう]
/(n) rabies/hydrophobia/EntL1237560X/
raccoon ラクーン
/(n) raccoon/EntL1138640X/
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