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q Q;q [キュー]
/(n) Q/q/EntL2594140/
qanun カーヌーン
/(n) qanun (Near-Eastern string instrument) (ara:)/EntL2257060X/
qat カト
/(n) (1) cat/(2) kat/qat/quat/khat/EntL2520170/
qian 乾 [けん]
/(n) qian (one of the trigrams of the I Ching: heaven, northwest)/EntL1577540X/
qieyun 切韻 [せついん]
/(n) qieyun (ancient Chinese dictionary arranged by rhyme, displaying characters' meanings and representing their pronunciation with fanqie)/EntL2086870/
qigong 気功 [きこう]
/(n) breathing exercise/breath control/spirit cultivation/chi kung/qigong/EntL1222180X/
qigong therapist 気功師 [きこうし]
/(n) qigong therapist/EntL2227100X/
qilin 一角獣 [いっかくじゅう]
/(n) (1) unicorn/(2) narwhal/(3) qilin (Chinese unicorn)/EntL1161420X/
麒麟 [きりん(P);キリン]
/(n) (1) (uk) giraffe/(2) qilin (Chinese unicorn)/(3) Kirin (brand of beer)/(P)/EntL1575200X/
qin 琴 [きん]
/(n) qin (7-stringed Chinese zither)/guqin/EntL2229960X/
七弦琴;七絃琴 [しちげんきん]
/(n) (col) (See 琴・きん) qin (7-stringed Chinese zither)/guqin/seven-stringed koto/EntL2229970X/
qin and se 琴瑟 [きんしつ]
/(n) (1) (See 瑟,琴・きん) qin and se (two different kinds of Chinese zither)/(2) happy marriage/EntL2436560X/
qing 頃 [けい]
/(n) (obsc) (See 畝・ほ) qing (Chinese unit of land area equal to 100 mu)/EntL2210780X/
磬 [けい]
/(n) qing (ancient Chinese musical instrument; suspended gong-like chime shaped like an inverted 'v'; orig. made of stone)/EntL2256850/
qinggengcai チンゲン菜;青梗菜 [チンゲンさい(チンゲン菜);ちんげんさい(青梗菜);チンゲンサイ]
/(n) qinggengcai (spinach-like green vegetable originating in China)/pak choi/bok choi/bok choy/EntL2072290X/
qipao チャイナドレス
/(n) qipao (wasei: china dress)/cheongsam/mandarin dress/EntL2180350X/
旗袍 [チーパオ]
/(n) (See チャイナドレス) qipao (chi: qipao)/cheongsam/mandarin gown/EntL2619310/
quack でも
/(conj) (1) but/however/though/nevertheless/still/yet/even so/(prt) (2) even/(3) however/no matter how/even if/even though/(4) ... or something/(5) (as 〜でも〜でも) either ... or .../neither ... nor .../(pref) (6) (before an occupation, etc.) pseudo-/quack/in-name-only/(7) (before an occupation, etc.) (See でもしか) for lack of anything better to do/(P)/EntL1008460X/
でも医者 [でもいしゃ]
/(n) quack (doctor)/EntL2449690/
/(n,adj-na) hack/untrained/quack (doctor)/EntL2009670X/
/(n) quack (sound made by ducks)/braak/EntL2039550X/
偽医者;にせ医者 [にせいしゃ]
/(n) quack/quack doctor/fake doctor/EntL2154780X/
野師;弥四;香具師 [やし]
/(n) showman/charlatan/faker/quack/EntL1711980X/
筍医者 [たけのこいしゃ]
/(n) inexperienced doctor/quack/EntL1668420X/
藪医 [やぶい]
/(n) (abbr) (See 藪医者) (medical) quack/EntL2661890/
藪医者(ateji) [やぶいしゃ]
/(n) (See 野巫・やぶ・2) (medical) quack/EntL1709350X/
藪;薮 [やぶ;ヤブ]
/(n) (1) (やぶ only) thicket/bush/grove/scrub/(2) (abbr) (uk) (See 藪医者・やぶいしゃ) (medical) quack/EntL1634220X/
quack doctor へぼ医者 [へぼいしゃ]
/(n) quack doctor/EntL1011390X/
偽医者;にせ医者 [にせいしゃ]
/(n) quack/quack doctor/fake doctor/EntL2154780X/
quad scull クォドルプル
/(n) quad scull (rowing)/EntL2413820X/
quad-height クアドハイト
/(n,adj-no) {comp} quad-height/EntL2293260X/
quadrangle 四辺形 [しへんけい]
/(n) (See 四角形) quadrilateral/quadrangle/tetragon/EntL1767060X/
四角形 [しかくけい;しかっけい]
/(n) (See 四辺形) quadrilateral/quadrangle/tetragon/EntL1307110X/
中庭 [なかにわ]
/(n) courtyard/quadrangle/middle court/(P)/EntL1424980X/
内庭 [うちにわ;ないてい]
/(n) inner court/quadrangle/EntL1582550X/
quadrangular prism 四角柱 [しかくちゅう]
/(n) quadrangular prism/EntL1767140X/
quadrant クワドラント
/(n) {comp} quadrant/EntL2294480X/
四分儀 [しぶんぎ]
/(n) (See 象限儀) quadrant (instrument)/EntL2449730/
四分円 [しぶんえん]
/(n) quadrant/EntL1766990X/
象限 [しょうげん]
/(n) quadrant/EntL1794640X/
象限儀 [しょうげんぎ]
/(n) quadrant (instrument)/EntL2449720/
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