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b B;b [ビー]
/(n) B/b/EntL2594010/
baa メー
/(n) bleat/baa (goat sound)/EntL2078440X/
/(n) baa (sound made by sheep)/meh/EntL2039580X/
babble 珍糞漢 [ちんぷんかん]
/(n) babble/gibberish/gobbledygook/gobbledegook/EntL1431950X/
珍紛漢紛(P);珍糞漢糞 [ちんぷんかんぷん]
/(exp,adj-na,n) (uk) unintelligible language/incoherent language/talking nonsense/"all Greek to me"/double Dutch/(something) incomprehensible/babble/gibberish/jargon/gobbledygook/(P)/EntL1610360X/
babbling 片言交じり [かたことまじり]
/(n) babbling/EntL1681040X/
babies 乳幼児 [にゅうようじ]
/(n) infants/babies/(P)/EntL1465370X/
babies born on October 10 十月十日 [とつきとおか]
/(n) (1) babies born on October 10, supposedly conceived on New Year's Day/(2) normal gestation time (i.e. 9 months)/EntL2553260/
babirusa バビルサ
/(n) babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa)/EntL2478410/
baboon 狒々;狒狒 [ひひ;ヒヒ]
/(n) (1) (uk) baboon/(2) lecher/dirty old man/skirt-chaser/EntL1602110X/
baby ぼぼ
/(n) baby/doll/pussy(cat)/slang for cunt/EntL1637840X/
/(n) baby/(P)/EntL1119820X/
嬰児 [えいじ;みどりご]
/(n) infant/baby/EntL1173630X/
小さ [ちいさ]
/(n) (arch) baby/infant/EntL2651630/
赤ん坊 [あかんぼう(P);あかんぼ]
/(n) baby/infant/(P)/EntL1383310X/
赤ちゃん [あかちゃん]
/(n) baby/infant/(P)/EntL1383260X/
赤子;赤児 [あかご]
/(n) baby/EntL1624410X/
稚児 [ちご]
/(n) (1) (festivity) page/(2) baby/child/(3) (arch) boys kept by pederasts/EntL1421780X/
乳飲み子;乳呑み子 [ちのみご]
/(n) baby/suckling child/EntL1597460X/
幼児 [ようじ]
/(n) infant/baby/child/(P)/EntL1545160X/
幼子 [おさなご]
/(n) infant/baby/little child/(P)/EntL1545150X/
baby babble 喃語 [なんご]
/(n,vs) (1) lover's whispers/sweet nothings/whispered intimacies/(2) baby babble/goo-goo/gaga/EntL1955420X/
baby bird 雛鳥;ひな鳥 [ひなどり]
/(n) chick/baby bird/EntL1708180X/
鳥の子 [とりのこ]
/(n) (1) bird's egg (esp. a chicken egg)/(2) chick/baby bird (esp. a baby chicken)/(3) (abbr) (See 鳥の子紙) eggshell-colored traditional Japanese paper made primarily of Diplomorpha sikokiana fibres (high-quality, glossy)/(4) (abbr) (See 鳥の子色) eggshell (colour)/(5) (abbr) (See 鳥の子餅) red and white oval rice cakes/EntL2626900/
baby blue ベビーブルー
/(n) baby blue/EntL2478420/
baby blue-eyes 瑠璃唐草 [るりからくさ]
/(n) baby blue-eyes (name of plant)/EntL1916390X/
baby boom ベビーブーム
/(n) baby boom/(P)/EntL1119900X/
baby boom generation 団塊の世代 [だんかいのせだい]
/(n) baby boom generation/EntL1419190X/
baby boomer ベビーブーマー
/(n) baby boomer/EntL2478430/
baby born feet first 逆児 [さかご]
/(n) baby born feet (or buttocks) first/breech birth/EntL1693420X/
逆産 [ぎゃくざん]
/(n) baby born feet (or buttocks) first/breech birth/EntL1693550X/
baby bottle 哺乳瓶;ほ乳瓶 [ほにゅうびん]
/(n) baby bottle/EntL1565250X/
baby boy 男の子(P);男のコ(P);男の児(oK) [おとこのこ(男の子;男の児)(P);おとこのコ(男のコ)(P)]
/(n) boy/male child/baby boy/(P)/EntL1420010X/
baby buggy ベビーバギー
/(n) baby buggy/EntL2478440/
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