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mRNA mRNA [エムアールエヌエー]
/(n) (See メッセンジャーRNA) messenger RNA/mRNA/EntL2196260X/
/(n) mRNA/EntL2489000/
メッセンジャーRNA [メッセンジャーアールエヌエー]
/(n) messenger RNA/mRNA/EntL2196240X/
伝令RNA [でんれいアールエヌエー]
/(n) (See メッセンジャーRNA) messenger RNA/mRNA/EntL2196250/
mRNA [エムアールエヌエー] /(n) (See メッセンジャーRNA) messenger RNA/mRNA/EntL2196260X/
ma'am お姉さん(P);御姉さん [おねえさん]
/(n) (1) (hon) (usu. お姉さん) (See 姉さん) elder sister/(2) (vocative) young lady/(3) (usu. お姐さん) miss (referring to a waitress, etc.)/(4) (usu. お姐さん) ma'am (used by geisha to refer to their superiors)/(P)/EntL1001990X/
姉さん(P);姐さん [ねえさん(P);あねさん]
/(n) (1) (hon) (usu. 姉さん) elder sister/(2) (vocative) young lady/(3) (usu. 姐さん) miss (referring to a waitress, etc.)/(4) (usu. 姐さん) ma'am (used by geisha to refer to their superiors)/(P)/EntL1307640X/
小母さん [おばさん]
/(n) (fam) old lady/ma'am (vocative)/EntL2261510X/
maar マール
/(n) (1) maar (broad, shallow volcanic crater) (fre:, ger: Maar)/(2) marc (brandy distilled from pomace wine)/(3) (See 泥灰岩) marl (unconsolidated lime-rich rock)/EntL2217740X/
maboke flowering quince 真木瓜 [まぼけ]
/(n) Choenomeles lagenaria/maboke flowering quince/EntL2400310/
macadam 割り栗石 [わりぐりいし]
/(n) crushed rock/macadam/EntL1207770X/
macadam roller マカダムローラー
/(n) macadam roller/EntL2489010/
macadamia マカダミア
/(n) macadamia/EntL2507960/
macadamia nut マカデミアナッツ
/(n) macadamia nut (Macadamia sp.)/EntL2188020X/
macadamia nuts マカダミアナッツ
/(n) macadamia nuts/EntL2489020/
macaron マコロン;マカロン
/(n) macaron (a French pastry made from egg whites and almond powder) (fre:)/macaroon/EntL1127260X/
macaroni マカロニ
/(n) macaroni/(P)/EntL1127240X/
macaroni penguin マカロニペンギン
/(n) macaroni penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus)/EntL2254630X/
macaroni western マカロニウエスタン
/(n) macaroni western/EntL1127250X/
macaroon マコロン;マカロン
/(n) macaron (a French pastry made from egg whites and almond powder) (fre:)/macaroon/EntL1127260X/
macaw 金剛鸚哥 [こんごういんこ]
/(n) (uk) macaw/EntL2165450X/
mace メース
/(n) mace/EntL2489030/
/(n) mace/EntL1649290X/
職杖 [しょくじょう]
/(n) mace/(ceremonial) staff/EntL2643260/
mach band マッハバンド
/(n) {comp} mach band/EntL2332040X/
machiai 待合(P);待ち合い;待合い [まちあい]
/(n,vs) (1) meeting place/assignation place/(2) geisha entertaining room/teahouse/machiai/(P)/EntL1664410X/
machination 胸に一物 [むねにいちもつ]
/(exp) machination/secret plan/plot/trick up one's sleeve/EntL2153160X/
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