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I I;i [アイ]
/(n) I/i/EntL2594070/
/(n) (Kagoshima dialect) I/me/EntL2217350X/
俺ら;己等 [おれら;おいら]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) (おれら only) we/us/(2) (esp. おいら) I/me/EntL1576880X/
俺(P);己;乃公 [おれ(P);だいこう(乃公);ないこう(乃公)]
/(pn,adj-no) (male) I/me (rough or arrogant-sounding first-person pronoun, formerly also used by women)/(P)/EntL1576870X/
俺っち [おれっち]
/(n) (1) (male) (See 俺達) we/us/(2) (sl) I/me/EntL2217390X/
俺様;己様 [おれさま]
/(pn,adj-no) I, myself (pompously)/EntL2020970X/
下等 [げら]
/(pn) (arch) (hum) I/me/EntL2567250/
何某;某 [なにがし;なにぼう(何某)]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) certain person/certain amount/Mr So-and-so/(2) I (personal pronoun)/EntL1577180X/
我が党;我党 [わがとう]
/(n) (1) my party/our party/(2) (arch) I/me/(3) (arch) you/EntL1196700X/
我輩;吾輩;我が輩;吾が輩;わが輩 [わがはい]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) (arch) (male) I (nuance of arrogance)/me/myself/(2) we/us/ourselves/EntL1606640X/
我ら(P);我等;吾等;吾ら [われら]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) we/us/(2) (arch) I/me/(3) (arch) you (referring to a group of one's equals or inferiors)/(P)/EntL1607040X/
我が身;わが身;我身(io) [わがみ]
/(n) (1) myself/oneself/(pn) (2) (arch) I/me/(3) (arch) (fam) you (referring to one's inferior)/EntL1196690X/
我(P);吾;吾れ(io);我れ(io) [われ(P);わ(我;吾);あれ(ok);あ(我;吾)(ok);わぬ(我;吾)(ok);わろ(我)(ok)]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) I/me/(2) (われ, わ only) oneself/(3) (われ, わ only) (arch) you/(pref) (4) (わ only) (arch) (also 和) prefix indicating familiarity or contempt/(P)/EntL1196670X/
愚生 [ぐせい]
/(pn,adj-no) (hum) (male) (primarily used in letters, etc.) I/me/EntL1245160X/
愚僧 [ぐそう]
/(n) (1) silly monk/foolish monk/(pn) (2) (hum) (used by monks) I/me/EntL1828750X/
愚 [ぐ]
/(n,adj-na) (1) foolishness/silliness/stupidity/folly/(2) (arch) (hum) I/me/(P)/EntL1615350X/
己;汝 [な]
/(n) (1) (arch) I/(2) you/EntL2174450X/
己(P);己れ [おのれ]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) (arch) oneself (itself, etc.)/(2) (hum) I (or me)/(3) (derog) you/(adv) (4) by oneself (itself, etc.)/(int) (5) interjection expressing anger or chagrin/(P)/EntL1266890X/
此れ(P);是;是れ;之;之れ;維;惟 [これ]
/(pn) (1) (uk) (See 何れ・1,其れ・1,彼・あれ・1) this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic)/(2) (hum) this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group)/(3) now/(4) (arch) here/(5) (arch) I (me)/(6) (arch) certainly/(P)/EntL1628530X/
此方 [こちら(P);こっち(P);こち(ok)]
/(n) (1) (uk) (See 何方・どちら・1,其方・1,彼方・あちら・1) this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)/this direction/(2) here (place close to the speaker or where the speaker is)/(3) this one (something physically close to the speaker)/(pn,adj-no) (4) I/me/we/us/(5) this person (someone physically close to the speaker and of equal or higher status)/(P)/EntL1004500X/
私 [あたし(P);あたくし;あたい;あて]
/(pn,adj-no) (fem) I/me/(P)/EntL1311125X/
私 [わたい]
/(n) (arch) (ktb:) I/me/EntL2217340/
私ども;私共;私供(iK) [わたくしども;わたしども]
/(n) (1) (hum) we/us/(2) I/me/my store (business, etc.)/EntL1854980X/
私 [わい;わて]
/(pn) (1) (arch) (ksb:) I/me/(2) (わい only) you (used toward people of equal or lower status)/EntL2217330/
私 [わたし(P);わたくし(P)]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) I/me/(n,adj-no) (2) (わたくし only) private affairs/personal matter/secrecy/(3) (わたくし only) selfishness/(P)/EntL1311110X/
私 [あっし;わっち;わっし]
/(pn,adj-no) I (mainly used by working men)/myself/EntL2079310X/
自分 [じぶん]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) myself/yourself/oneself/himself/herself/(2) I/me/(P)/EntL1318610X/
自分でも [じぶんでも]
/(exp) (1) I, myself/one-self/by one-self/(2) even I/even one/EntL2059350X/
妾;私 [わらわ]
/(pn,adj-no) (arch) (hum) (fem) I/me/EntL1347580X/
小職 [しょうしょく]
/(n) (1) lowly government servant/humble government servant/(pn) (2) (hum) (used by civil servants) I/me/EntL1648600X/
小生 [しょうせい]
/(pn,adj-no) (hum) (male) (epistolary style) I/me/my humble self/EntL1348390X/
臣 [おみ;しん]
/(n) (1) (arch) retainer/attendant/(2) (おみ only) (See 八色の姓) Omi (hereditary title; orig. one of the two highest such titles, later demoted to sixth highest of eight)/(3) (しん only) (hum) I (used by a servant when speaking to his master)/me/EntL2228300/
臣;奴;僕 [やつこ(臣;奴);つぶね(奴);やつこらま]
/(n) (1) (やつこ only) (arch) slave/(2) retainer/servant/(3) (やつこ only) captive/(4) (やつこ only) (derog) varlet/(5) (やつこ only) (hum) I/me/EntL2228350/
身共 [みども]
/(pn,adj-no) (arch) I (used when speaking to their equals or inferiors)/me/EntL1705880X/
生 [せい;しょう]
/(n) (1) life/living/(n,n-suf) (2) (せい only) (male) (hum) I/me/myself/EntL2088240/
拙僧 [せっそう]
/(pn) I, as a mere priest/this humble servant of Buddha/EntL2413400/
拙者 [せっしゃ]
/(pn,adj-no) (hum) (arch) (male) I (primarily used by samurai)/me/EntL1385290X/
拙 [せつ]
/(n,adj-na) (1) (arch) poor/weak/(pn,adj-no) (2) (hum) (male) I/me/EntL2217250/
内(P);中 [うち]
/(n,adj-no) (1) inside/within/(2) (also 裡) while/(3) among/amongst/between/(pn,adj-no) (4) (See 家・うち・2) we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.)/our/(5) my spouse/(n) (6) (arch) imperial palace grounds/(7) (arch) emperor/(pn,adj-no) (8) (ksb:) I (primarily used by women and children)/me/(P)/EntL1457730X/
貧道 [ひんどう]
/(n) (1) {Buddh} imperfect (Buddhist) training/imperfection in one's (Buddhist) training/incomplete training/poor training/(pn) (2) (hum) (used by Buddhist monks) I/me/EntL2586990/
不肖 [ふしょう]
/(n,adj-no,adj-na) (1) unworthiness of one's father (or master)/(2) incompetence/foolishness/(3) misfortune/unluckiness/(n) (4) (hum) I/me/(P)/EntL1492940X/
坊 [ぼう]
/(n) (1) bonze/monk/(2) monk's dwelling/(3) (vocative) boy/sonny/(4) I (used by male children)/me/(suf) (5) (after name) familiar form of address/(6) (often preceded by ん) person who is ../EntL2229660/
某 [それがし]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) (obs) someone/(2) I/personal pronoun/EntL1519690X/
僕 [ぼく]
/(pn,adj-no) (1) (male) I/me/(2) you (used addressing young children)/(3) (See しもべ) manservant/(P)/EntL1521400X/
僕 [やつがれ]
/(pn,adj-no) (arch) (hum) I/me/EntL2055600X/
本職 [ほんしょく]
/(n) (1) principal occupation/main job/(2) professional/an expert/specialist/(pn,adj-no) (3) I (of a government offical, etc.)/me/(P)/EntL1522720X/
麿;麻呂 [まろ]
/(n) (1) (arch) I/(2) (person having) thin or shaved eyebrows/(suf) (3) (also 丸) affectionate suffix for names of young men or pets/EntL1525740X/
野生 [やせい]
/(n,vs,adj-no) (1) wild/growing wild/(pn) (2) (arch) (male) I/(P)/EntL1537470X/
余;予 [よ]
/(n,suf) (1) (余 only) (also written as 餘) (See 以上・1) over/more than/(pn,adj-no) (2) (arch) formal or oratory first person pronoun/I/EntL1543840X/
漏れ;洩れ;泄れ [もれ]
/(n,n-suf) (1) leakage/(2) omission/oversight/(pn) (3) (sl) (in blogs, etc.) (See 俺) I/me/EntL1560850X/
儂;私 [わし]
/(pn,adj-no) (uk) I/me (used by elderly males)/EntL2015370X/
賤 [しず;せん]
/(n) (1) (arch) lowly person/lowliness/(2) (しず only) (hum) I (used by male entertainers)/EntL2247450/
I ... 己が [おのが]
/(adj-pn) (1) (が indicates possession) my/one's own/(exp) (2) (が indicates subject) I .../one .../EntL2272850X/
I Ching or The Book of Changes - one of the Five Classics 易経 [えききょう]
/(n) (See 五経) I Ching (Yi Jing) or The Book of Changes - one of the Five Classics/EntL1157040X/
I LOL'd ワロタ
/(exp) (sl) (past tense of ワロス) I LOL'd (2Chan slang)/EntL2599620/
I agree その通り [そのとおり]
/(exp) just like that/quite so/I agree/EntL2057830X/
I agree with you 仰るとおり;仰る通り [おっしゃるとおり]
/(exp) (hon) (See 言う通り) I agree with you/it is as (someone) says/EntL1238880X/
I also 私も亦 [わたしもまた]
/(exp) me too/I also/EntL1917550X/
私も又 [わたくしもまた]
/(exp) me too/I also/EntL1917540X/
I am content with what I am 吾唯足知 [われただたるをしる]
/(exp) I am content with what I am (have)/Rich is the person who is content with what he is/EntL2055390X/
I am glad to meet you 初めまして;始めまして [はじめまして]
/(exp) (uk) How do you do?/I am glad to meet you/EntL1625780X/
I am not concerned about 関係ない;関係無い [かんけいない]
/(exp) (1) (col) (See 関係が無い) have nothing to do with (something)/have no connection with (something)/"that's not it"/(2) I don't care about/I am not concerned about/EntL2076040X/
I am not going to fall for that trick その手は食わない [そのてはくわない]
/(exp) I am not going to fall for that trick/EntL2125770X/
I am of the impression そうだ(P);そうです(P)
/(int) (1) that is so/that is right/it looks to me/I am of the impression/(2) people say that (after plain verb, adj)/it is said that/I hear that/(P)/EntL1006650X/
I am sure に違いない [にちがいない]
/(exp) I am sure/no doubt that/must/must have (done)/EntL1009690X/
嘸 [さぞ]
/(adv) (uk) (See 嘸かし,嘸や) I am sure/certainly/no doubt/(P)/EntL1565620X/
I am told 何でも [なんでも]
/(exp,adv) (1) (uk) any/whatever one likes/by all means/anything/everything/(exp) (2) (uk) (at start of sentence) I am told/I understand/they say/I hear/(P)/EntL1611030X/
I am writing .... ご連絡申し上げます [ごれんらくもうしあげます]
/(exp) I am writing ..../we are contacting .../EntL2232900X/
I appreciate your efforts ご苦労さん;御苦労さん [ごくろうさん]
/(exp) I appreciate your efforts/EntL1005040X/
ご苦労さま(P);御苦労様;ご苦労様 [ごくろうさま]
/(exp,adj-na) thank you very much for your .../I appreciate your efforts/(P)/EntL1005030X/
I beg of you 何卒(P);何とぞ(P) [なにとぞ]
/(adv) (1) (hum) (See どうぞ) please/kindly/I beg of you/if it pleases you/(2) by all means/without fail/(P)/EntL1189140X/
I beg that 乞い願わくは;希わくは;冀わくは;庶幾わくは [こいねがわくは]
/(exp,adv) I pray in earnest that/I beg that/I yearn that/EntL2177450/
I beg your pardon 御免なさい;ご免なさい [ごめんなさい]
/(exp) I beg your pardon/excuse me/EntL1270680X/
御免あそばせ;ご免あそばせ;ご免遊ばせ(iK) [ごめんあそばせ]
/(exp) (uk) (pol) (fem) I beg your pardon/EntL2250250/
I believe in the Three Treasures of Buddhism 南無三宝 [なむさんぼう]
/(exp,int) I believe in the Three Treasures of Buddhism/Oh my Great Buddha!/Good heavens!/EntL2051440X/
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