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a Japanese comic duo of Sun music group (entertainment agency) サンミュージック所属の漫才コンビ。
a Kiritsubo - Tsubosenzai a桐壺 - 壺前栽
a Machi-bugyo-sho office 町奉行所
a Minor Affiliated Temple 塔頭
a boy (actually a girl) who loved Kurama Tengu calling him pop. 鞍馬天狗を小父さんと慕う少年(実は、女の子)。
a branch family of Umewaka family 梅若家の分家。
a corporation museum of umeboshi (pickled plum) - 梅干しの企業博物館
a family line in a family, which is constituted by a lineage of eldest sons; ある一族、一門において正嫡(嫡流)の家系。
a family name. 名字の一つ。
a fence 柵1条
a grandson of Shinroku NATSUME) 夏目伸六の孫)
a gutter made of stones 石組み溝1条
a heavy cruiser by the former Japanese Imperial Navy. 大日本帝国海軍の重巡洋艦。
a long piece more than the above - それ以上の長編
a place-name of an area belonging to Kita Ward (Kyoto City) and Ukyo Ward of Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. 京都府京都市北区 (京都市)・右京区にある地名。
a place-name of an area belonging to Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture (the site of Kinugasa-jo Castle). 神奈川県横須賀市にある地名(古城衣笠城の跡がある)。
a post equivalent to a prefectural governor in ancient China. 古代中国に於いての県知事にあたる役職
a post in the Muromachi bakufu to be an assistant to Shoshi (a governor of the Board of Retainers) leading Samurai-dokoro (the Board of Retainers) or an assistant to tonin (the director). 室町幕府の役職で、侍所を統率する所司(または頭人(とうにん))の補佐役。
a relationship with the immigrants ruling the regions around the new capital, who had a common ancestry with Emperor Kanmu's mother, 新京の周辺地域をおさえる、母方のバックボーンたる渡来人勢力との関係
a short piece within 60 characters - 60字ぐらいまでの短編
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