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m = the direction of Mitake m身丈(みたけ)
mackerel - a saury, a Pacific saury - salmon - sardines サバ - サンマ - サケ - イワシ
made by crushing and salting down the small-size crabs caught in mudflats such as Uca arcuata, Marcophthalmus japonicus and Cleistostoma dilatatum. - シオマネキ、ヤマトオサガニ、アリアケガニなど、干潟に産する小型のカニを潰し塩辛にする。
made by mixing the konowata and the shiokara of hoya. - 海鼠腸(このわた)とホヤの塩辛を混ぜたもの。
made by salting down alevins of rabbitfish called "suku" in Okinawa Prefecture. - 沖縄県でスクと呼ばれるアイゴの稚魚を塩蔵したもの。
made by shredding the flesh of squid and dressing with the guts and salt. - イカの身の細切りに、内臓、塩を和えて造る。
maejite (main character that appears before nakairi): ONO no Komachi Mask: waka-onna (young woman), fukai (middle-aged woman) or ko-omote (the youngest woman)Female Costume: karaori (outer robes) in kinagashi style, iro-iri (with red) 前ジテ:小野小町 - 若女または深井、小面/唐織着流女出立(紅入)
maewaki (supporting character that appears before nakairi) : OTOMO no Kuronushi Costume: kazaori, choken (outer garment with wide sleeves), okuchi 前ワキ:大伴黒主 - 風折長絹大口出立
maintenance and repair of Nijo-jo Castle, 二条城の管理・修繕。
makes the whole lake shone bright (regain stability and a bodhisattva's way in the search for truth.) あくる湖
mameni ikiru' (living in good health) and 'mamemameshiku hataraku' (working diligently) - 「豆に生きる」や「豆々しく働く」
march leader 嚮導役。
may 19, 1822: He obtained additional 10,000 koku to his salary. 文政5年(1822年)3月28日 1万石加増。
minerals ミネラル
miscellaneous metals 0.52% 雑0.52%
monpe (women's work pants) もんぺ
monster and skeleton represent ignorance (Mumyo) and uncertainty regarding the root of the Twelve-fold Chain of Dependent Origination, 怪物と骸骨 - 十二支縁起の根である無知(無明)と無常
montoshikisho (Buddhist tools used by followers) 門徒式章
montoshikisho is a similar hogu used in the Jodo Shinshu Hongan-ji school. 門徒式章(もんとしきしょう)は、浄土真宗本願寺派で用いられる同様の法具。
more than 10% of its population commuting to a central city 一方、大阪市・京都市・神戸市の3市は、各々昼間人口が1を超えているため、各々が中心市となって都市圏を形成しているとも考えられる。
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