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f Nioumiya - Kaoru Lieutenant General f匂宮 - 薫中将
fa?????? fa??????
fiRaijin fiRaijin
fifty-two fragments of earthen images in the West Pagoda 西塔塑像断片 52箇
fig イチジク
fireworks - Bon Festival Dance - a night stall - water balloon 花火 - 盆踊り - 夜店 - 水風船
first generation. - 一世。
flute (Noh pipe) 笛(能管)
for his home village,' it said, then it seemed that 300 years had passed from the time of his departure until his homecoming. 到故郷」と記され、そのことから帰還まで300年程度経ったと推定される。
for the other trains, the letter 'A' is attached at the head of the train number. 他のK特急は「A」である)。
for women, the ages of 19, 33 and 61. 女性の場合は19歳、33歳、37歳とされている。
foundation stones of four structures 礎石建物4棟
foundation stones of two structures 礎石建物2棟
frRaiden frRaiden
fragrant constituents (several tens or hundreds kinds) 香気成分(数十から数百種類)
frame = first-class car, white frame = ordinary car (railway car), U = unreserved seat, R = reserved seat, *All cars are nonsmoking. ■枠=グリーン車 白枠=普通車 (鉄道車両) 自=自由席 指=座席指定席 ※全車両禁煙
from "Amanohashidate-zu" by Sesshu, shown at left); and the view from the west is called "Ichijikan" ( 左に掲げた雪舟筆「天橋立図」が描かれたことから)、西からの眺めを「一字観」(いちじかん。
from "Kenpo Hiketsu" (The Key to Swordsmanship) -- 『剣法秘訣』
from "Notes of oral instructions on kenjutsu of Hokushin Itto ryu." -- 『北辰一刀流組遣様口伝書』
from 10:00 護摩祈願 毎月28日 10時~
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