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waist strap 腰紐
waki (supporting actor), the shinto priest of Muro ワキ 室の神官
waki, the shrine priest of Muro ワキ 室の神官
wakitsure (companion who appears with the supporting actor in a Noh play), followers (two) ワキツレ 従者(二人)
was later revised, and also published as "Hijikata Toshizo Sange". 後に改訂され『土方歳三 散華』としても出版されている。
was/were established. が設置される。
watakushi arazu. わたくしあらず。
were appointed to the tonin, and Masashige KUSUNOKI and Nagatoshi NAWA were appointed to the Yoryudo (officer of the government). を頭人に任命、楠木正成や名和長年を寄人に任じた。
were beheaded. を斬る。
when he died, his oldest son Hisatoki was only 5, and it was March 6, 1304 when Hisatoki became Yoriai-shu at the age of 33. そのとき嫡男久時はまだ5歳で、久時が寄合衆となったのは1304年(嘉元2年)3月6日、33歳のときとされる。
when he fulfills the requirements set by the Koyasan Shingon sect such as serving out as the chief priest of a temple belonging to Koyasan Shingon sect for 20 years, he would be admitted the title of a honorary chief priest. 高野山真言宗の寺院住職に補任されて、20年を経るなど、高野山真言宗の定める要件を満たすと、名誉住職(めいよじゅうしょく)の称号が許される。
where Kamidani (upper valley) and Shimodani (lower valley) meet また、中山から長治谷、野田畑にかけては大きな木地師の集落があった。
while Ukiyoe is descended from Yamato-e painting (a traditional Japanese style painting of the late Heian and Kamakura periods dealing with Japanese themes), and consistent with the cultural background of the comprehensive pictorial art genre; by contrast, it depicts scenes from people's everyday life and things. 大和絵の流れを汲み、総合的絵画様式としての文化的背景を保つ一方で、人々の日常の生活や風物などを描いている。
who once was a thief, and now a right-hand of Kurama Tengu. 元盗賊で鞍馬天狗の右腕的存在。
who serve for four years) 任期4年。)
whole lamp chimney - ホヤの全体
wife of Mr. Yoshiki KURODA - 黒田慶樹夫人
with four stanzas - 4?。
with respect to Noritsune, there is a record of a rumor in another historical material that he survived this battle and that he died in the Battle of Dan-no-ura.) 教経については別の史料に生存の風聞があり、壇ノ浦の戦いで戦死したという説もある)。
with three stanzas - 3?。
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