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yakisoba (fried soba) 焼きそば
yakiudon (fried wheat noodles) 焼きうどん
year of death unknown 没年は不詳。
yelled Naomasa, who couldn't stand it, at Kazumasa. 」と怒鳴った。
yobanme-mono (fourth-category play) 四番目物
yojin (lord chamberlain) 【用人】
yokan color: when blackish clothes fade and get tinged with red, the color is called 'yokan color.' 羊羹色:黒色などの衣類が、色あせて赤みを帯びた色を「羊羹色」と呼ぶ。
yom-/yomite/ >/yoNde/ yom-(読む) /yomite/ > /yoNde/(読みて→読んで)
you should go back to Aki once'. 「一度安芸に帰られるがよい。」
yukata (an informal cotton kimono), kanzashi (an ornamental hairpin), comb, nakasashi (tool for the hairdressing), mosquito net and so on. 浴衣、簪、櫛、中差し、蚊帳など
yurei (ghost) 幽霊
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