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kachikachi-yama (Mt. clack-clack) カチカチ山
kaibo stick かい棒
kaioke' is a kind of bucket used to keep clamshells for 'kaiawase' (a Heian period game which involved pairing the two parts of clamshells) or 'kaioi' (an old name of kaiawase game in the Heian period, which involves pairing the two parts of clamshells) played from the Japanese medieval period to the Edo period. 貝桶とは、日本の中世から江戸時代にかけて伝わる遊戯の貝合わせや貝覆いに用いる貝殻の入れ物である。
kaiseki' (bizarre stone) 「怪石」
kamebara (a squarish bun-shaped mound covered with white plaster) is constructed under the floor. 床下に亀腹を築く
kamiage no gu (a set of hair ornaments): hirabitai ornament, sashi (ornate hairpin), a comb, like those used for a doll display during the Girls' Festival. 髪上具(かみあげのぐ):雛人形の髪飾りでおなじみの平額・釵子・櫛のワンセット。
kamowakeikazuchi-jinja Shrine (Honden (a main hall) and Gonden (the shrine used temporarily in repairing the main hall)): two buildings 賀茂別雷神社(本殿、権殿)2棟
kani tsume' (crab leg) 「蟹爪」
kanmon 勘文
kara-mono (literally "tale of Things Chinese") (such as "Tsuru kame," "Kantan," "Ikkaku sennin," "Tenko") 唐物(鶴亀、邯鄲(かんたん)、 一角仙人、天鼓など)
karo 【家老】
karo (chief retainers) 【家老】
karyu-kai (world of the Geisha) 花柳界
kasajigoro (a straw-hat-shaped neck guard) 笠じごろ
katana (single-edged sword)
katata faces Lake Biwa and was prosperous as a center of water transportation system in the Middle Ages. 琵琶湖に面しており、中世においては水運の拠点として栄えていた。
keep following Shimodachiuri-dori Street about 500 meters--along the way you'll see Kyoto Prefectural Sagano High School on your left and will go across the railway crossing of Keifuku (Randen) Kitano Line--and then turn at a three-lamp signal at a junction to the south (your right); 京都府立嵯峨野高等学校を左手に見て、京福(嵐電)北野線の踏切を渡り、そのまま 下立売通を約500m歩き、3灯信号のある交差点を南(右)へ。
kei MIZUNO is one of disciples of him. 門弟に水野恵 (篆刻)がいる。
kenei (rolled ei) 巻纓
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