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h Yadorigi - Kaodori h宿木 - 貌鳥
has gonkan.) 権官もあり。)
has no gonkan (supernumerary position). 権官は無い。)
hayashi-kata, kotsuzumi: 7, otsuzumi: 1, taiko: 16 囃子方-小鼓7、大鼓1、太鼓16
he Yojin had to be careful as the person who actually informed the lord of matters within the domain and his family was not the Yojin themselves. 藩主の公的な用向きを藩内・家中に伝えるのが公用人ではないので、注意が必要である。
he origin of the word From the 1980s onward, Yoshihiko SAJI combined them and said 'koshi koden, 1980年代以降、佐治芳彦がこれをくっつけて「古史古伝」と言い出したのが始まりである。
he retained the posts ofTaikotaigo gu no suke and Governor of Wakasa Province. 太皇太后宮亮・若狭守如元
he took a boat this year, 此年乗松船。
he was appointed t the post ofTaikotaigo gu gon no daibu (Minister of Empress dowager's household agency) February 24. 正月28日太皇太后宮権大夫
he was first introduced by Ietsuna TOKUGAWA in 1659. 万治2年(1659年)徳川家綱に初めて披露される。
he was reduced in rank after vehemently denying the presence of a son (in fear of his formal wife) when questioned about who will continue the family name, resulting in his illegitimate child, Akitomo KATO, receiving the 20,000 koku Minakuchi Domain in Omi no Kuni and continuing the surname. 嗣子を立てて家名存続との裁定となるが、明成が正室をはばかって子息はないと頑固に主張したため改易され、庶子の加藤明友に近江国水口藩2万石に減移封されることで名跡が保たれた。
head-shaped helmet (the earlier style) 古頭形鉢兜
history 歴史
however, as Ono died before his time, his younger brother SAKANOUE no Hirono took over Hirano Sho and reins of the family. しかし大野は早世し、弟の坂上広野が平野庄と坂上氏の家督を継ぐ。
however, his son, Chotaro aged 10 was captured in Hoki Province, and his head was displayed in public, decapitated together with a child of his menoto (a wetnurse to a highborn baby) in the Rokujo-gawara riverbed on intercalary June 22 after Osaka Natsu no Jin. ただし、10歳になる息子長太郎は伯耆国で捕らえられ、夏の陣後の閏6月22日に六条河原で乳母の子供と共に斬られ、晒し首にされた。
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