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R-in Ayabe: a budget hotel located right next to the North exit. R-in綾部 駅北口すぐにあるビジネスホテル
R. P. BRIDGENS (American) R・P・ブリジェンス
RACTO Yamashina (a complex facility in which Daimaru Yamashina-ten, boutiques, communal facilities, residential houses and the like reside) ラクト山科(大丸やましな店、他専門店、公共施設、住宅等が入居する複合施設)
RCV Kyoto RCV京都
REC bases in Shiga, controls branch offices in Kyoto and Higashiosaka, and has rental laboratories, which are almost the largest at scale in Japan. RECでは、滋賀を拠点として京都と東大阪市に分室をもち、日本最大規模のレンタルラボを設置している。
REC has helped companies by, for example, setting up the loan system in cooperation with the local bank, and has made efforts to nurture them in the joint research and development, so REC was ranked the first in fiscal 2000 at the number of venture companies incubated in the university, and thereafter it has remained in the top group. 銀行との連携による企業への融資制度などを設け、共同の研究開発による企業育成にも努めており、大学発ベンチャー企業数では2000年度トップとなり、以後も常に上位にある。
RIKEN conglomerate 理研コンツェルン
RIRAKU Spa and Fitness RIRAKU スパ アンド フィットネス
RMIT University RMIT大学
RMU (Removal Unit) - amount of absorption by activities for sources of absorption (activities for sinks). RMU (Removal Unit) - 吸収源活動による吸収量
ROHM Co., Ltd. ローム
ROHM, Co. Ltd ローム
ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: Rohto Research Village Kyoto ロート製薬ロートリサーチビレッジ京都
ROKKAKU graduated from the department of elementary education of Hiroshima normal school (now faculty of education of Hiroshima University) and worked as a teacher at an elementary school run by his old school. 1883年(明治16年)広島師範学校初等師範科(現広島大学教育学部)卒業後、母校の小学校で教員を務めた。
ROKKAKU moved to the United States of America together with OKAKURA and Taikan YOKOYAMA. 1904年(明治37年)、岡倉に随行して横山大観らとともに渡米。
ROKKAKU started to teach as an assistant professor of the lacquer department of the school after his graduation in 1893. 1893年(明治26年)卒業と同時に同校漆芸科助教授就任。
ROKKAKU studied a variety of classical techniques associated with the Shosoin Treasures, Rakuro lacquer ware, etc. and actually applied those techniques to his own works while teaching at his old school. 母校で後進の指導に当たりながら、正倉院宝物や楽浪漆器など幅広い古典技法の研究と応用作品を発表。
ROUND 1 (Bowling center) ROUND1
RYOKEI Shosen (the former chief priest of Myosin-ji Temple) 龍渓性潜
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