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MADE IN JAPAN' Mizuma Art Gallery (Tokyo) -「MADE IN JAPAN」ミヅマアートギャラリー(東京)
MAEDA was responsible for the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Court, the court nobles, and the temples and shrines; NAGATSUKA was responsible for the special field of the public finance, and ASANO, MASUDA, and ISHIDA were responsible for the general political affairs. 前田が御所・朝廷・公家・寺社、長束が財務といった特別部門を担当し、浅野、増田、石田の三名が一般政務の処理に当たっていた形になる。
MAFF caused mutation by 30 Kr gamma irradiation of dry seed of Takane nishiki, and Nagano Agricultural Experiment Station carried out the individual selection of the second generation. 農林水産省にてたかね錦の乾燥種子に30Krのガンマ線を照射して突然変異を起こさせ、長野県農事試験場にて第2世代の個体選抜を実施。
MAFF caused mutation through the 30 Kr gamma irradiation of dry seed of Reimei, and Nagano Agricultural Experiment Station conducted the line breeding. 農林水産省にてレイメイの乾燥種子に30Krのγ線を照射して突然変異を起こさせ、長野県農事試験場にて系統育種。
MAGARIBUCHI shown in this example was the Doshin of someone else, but a person, who was considered to be Doshin and was directly assigned to Shingen, existed as well. この例の曲淵は他者の同心であるが、信玄直属の同心と言える立場の人物ももちろん存在していた。
MAKINO inc. eyewear shop メガネのマキノ
MARUKO no Omaro (Omaro could be "多麿" or "多麻呂", a poet in "Manyoshu") 丸子多麿(丸子多麻呂とも、万葉集の歌人)
MARUKO no Otoshi (a poet in "Manyoshu"(the oldest anthology of tanka), a gocho [township head]?) 丸子大歳(万葉集の歌人、郷長?)
MARUKO 公景 (Dairyo [high-ranking local magistrate] of Sagami Province, a maternal grandfather of the Kamakura clan originating from the Taira family) 丸子公景(相模国大領、平姓鎌倉氏外祖)
MASUDA worked as a lecturer at Musashino Women's College and is currently an Emeritus Professor at Musashino University. 武蔵野女子大学教授を務め、現在武蔵野大学名誉教授。
MASUDA's book "Noh and Modern Literature" ("能と近代文学") won the Hosei University Hisao KANZE Memorial Noh Drama Prize. 『能と近代文学』で観世寿夫記念法政大学能楽賞受賞。
MATSUBARA Squad (12 people) - There are different views. It is sometimes called INOUE Squad or HIJIKATA Squad. 松原隊(12名) - 諸説有り、井上隊とも、土方隊とも。
MATSUDAIRA placed the headquarters at Konkaikomyo-ji Temple (at 121 Kurodani-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City). 本陣を金戒光明寺(京都市左京区黒谷町121)に置いた。
MATSUKATA was in direct opposition to OKUMA's policy of seeking foreign loans to adjust government-issued bills. 松方は大隈が進める外債による政府発行紙幣の整理に真っ向から反対したのである。
MATSUKATA worked on implementation of monetary policy centered on the adjustment of government-issued bills, which was later called the MATSUKATA finance, and after he established the Bank of Japan, he abolished government-issued bills and started to issue the Bank of Japan notes as convertible currency. 松方は後に松方財政と呼ばれる政府発行紙幣の整理を中心とする金融政策の実現に取り組み、日本銀行の設立を経て、政府発行紙幣の全廃と兌換紙幣である日本銀行券の発行を行った。
MATSUMOTO went into retirement after the bankruptcy of the one-hundred and thirtieth bank and never returned to the business world again even after completion of its disposal. 百三十銀行の破綻後、松本は隠居し、その整理が済んだ後も、再び実業界には戻らなかった。
MATSUNAGA's troops reentered Tamonyama-jo Castle, and the three men and Tsutsui's joint legion encamped on the Mt. Daijoin behind Daijoin of Kofuku-ji Temple. 松永軍は多聞山城に再度入り、三人衆・筒井軍は興福寺大乗院の裏山である大乗院山などに陣を構えた。
MATSUURA inherited FUJIIKE-style in IKUTA-style on playing the so (or koto), reviewed books of songs and also composed the koto kumiuta (koto suites of songs) called "Juhakko" (the Pine Tree). 松浦は箏においては生田流系の藤池流を伝承しており、歌本の校閲をしたり、箏組歌『十八公』の作曲もしている。
MATSUURA was the fourth son of Keisuke MATSUURA, a goshi (rural) samurai from Sugawamura, Ichishi District, Ise Province (current day Onoecho, Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture). 伊勢国一志郡須川村(現在の三重県松阪市小野江町)の郷士松浦桂介の四男。
MBS Now - A TV program once sponsored by the company. MBSナウ - かつて提供していたテレビ番組。
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