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C - C
C convex shape. C凸形。
C-3PO and R2-D2 (Star Wars series) C-3POとR2-D2 (スターウォーズシリーズ)
C-dori Street, D-agaru: C通D上る
C. J. PEDERSEN C.J. ピーダーセン
C11-type (C11 190,227) C11形(C11 190、227)
C11-type (C11 325) C11形(C11 325)
C12-type (C12 66) C12形(C12 66)
C57 type (C57 1) C57形(C57 1)
C: Dressing room and entrance: Some public bathhouses are equipped with a resting room just before the dressing room. C:脱衣場と入り口:脱衣所の手前に休憩所が設けられるところもある。
C?o T?ngji? experienced occupation of three provinces in the northeastern China by Russia after Giwadan War and "万国公法釋義" was prepared by adding annotation to "Bankoku Koho" with the aim of protecting the nation with international law. 曹廷杰は、義和団の乱後のロシアによる東北三省進駐に遭遇した人で、『万国公法釋義』は国際法によって国防を図ろうとして『万国公法』に注釈を加えたものである。
CAO Pi declared that 'writing is an important affair for governing a nation and its grandeur would last for good. ' 曹丕は「文章は経国の大業、不朽の盛事なり」と宣言している。
CD: Masaki MATSUBARA with Tsuyoshi KON sittin' in "The Guitar Bros" (Victor Entertainment VICL-69096) CD 松原正樹 with 今剛 sittin in 『The Guitar Bros』(ビクターエンタテインメント VICL-69096)
CD: Nohgaku theatre "Yuya," Columbia Music Entertainment: Nearly all the music is included, in Noh performance style. CD 能楽「熊野」コロムビアミュージックエンタテインメント 演能形式でほとんど全曲を収録。
CER (Certified Emission Reduction) - credit issued in CDM. CER (Certified Emission Reduction) - CDM で発行されるクレジット
CHIISAKOBE no Sahichi 小子部さひち
CHIISAKOBE no Sahichi (year of birth unknown - July or August, 672) was active in the Asuka period of Japan. 小子部?鉤(ちいさこべのさひち、生年不詳 - 天武天皇元年(672年)7月または8月)は、日本の飛鳥時代の人物である。
CHIKAMATSU had a good reputation for this play, in which the weakness and lingering affection of Shunkan, who remained in the island on his own will, but suddenly, he started to scream as soon as the boat departed, was depicted, without ending the story at the time Shunkan decided to remain in the island. 自らの意思により島に残った俊寛だったが、物語をそこで終わらせることなく、船が出発するや一転して泣き叫ぶ俊寛の弱さと未練をも描いた近松の筆が高く評価されている。
CHIN Nakei was a priest from Sung who reconstructed the Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple. 陳和卿は東大寺大仏の再建を行った宋人の僧である。
CHO Ko (scientist), SAI Yo and CHO Ki in the Later Han Dynasty, YO Shu, KAN Han and Keiko in Wei, ZHUGE Liang in Shoku (Shu), TAI Ki, WANG Xizhi and GU Kaizhi in the Eastern Jin are examples of such Bunjin good at paintings. 後漢では張衡 (科学者)・蔡ヨウ・趙岐、魏の楊脩・桓範・?康、蜀の諸葛亮、東晋の戴逵・王羲之・顧愷之など。
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