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B (bathroom): Largely divided into bathtub and washing area B:浴室:浴槽と洗い場に大きくわかれる。
B OOOO =>First place B ○○○○ →1位
B ○○○○ →1位
B OXOO =>First place B ○×○○ →1位
B convex shape. B凸形。
BAI Juyi and SU Shi made poems about Igo because they were moved by the sounds of putting stones on an Igo board. 白居易や蘇軾は石を打つときの音に魅了されて詩を詠じている。
BAI Juyi, a famous poet and Bunjin, described that his poems fundamentally aimed to satirize social trends and give an impact on politics in his book "Shingakufu." 著名な詩人にして文人である白居易はその著『新楽府』において自らの詩作は世相を風刺し政治に影響を与えることにその本分があると述べている。
BAI Juyi, who was regarded as the patriarch of Bujin in recent times, was clearly aware that he was leading Chuin lifestyle. 近世的文人の祖とされる白居易がはっきり中隠を自覚して実践した。
BANZUIIN Chobei…Danjuro ICHIKAWA (the ninth) 幡随院長兵衛・・・・市川團十郎 (9代目)
BBC-TV Co..Ltd. びわ湖放送
BEAMS (a clothing store) ビームス
BEI Futsu in the Northern Sung Dynasty described in his work, 'Gashi (the history of paintings)' that the significance of viewing calligraphic works and paintings was in 'doing Seigan (appreciating something beautiful),' which showed that artistic quality of calligraphic works and paintings came to be recognized in society. 北宋の米?は『画史』において書画鑑賞の本質的な意義は「清玩」することにあると述べているが書画の芸術性が社会に認識されたことを示している。
BS (bus stop) with symbols ○/● is used for buses that are in service and ◆ is used for buses that are out of service. BS(バス停留所)のうち、○/●は運用中、◆は休止中の施設。
BUNDO Shunkai (September 1, 1878-September 26, 1970) was a priest of the Tendai sect from the Taisho to Showa period. 豊道春海(ぶんどう しゅんかい、1878年9月1日 - 1970年9月26日)は、大正期から昭和にかけての天台宗の僧。
BUNDO Shunkai formerly entered the priesthood in the registry of a Buddhism sect at the age of six, and in 1890 became the chief priest of Katoku-in Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo. 六歳で僧籍に入り、1890年東京浅草華徳院住職となる。
BUNYA-no-Mahitochinu had the Buddha's footprints copied in stone as a memorial of his dead wife, which was brought to Japan by KIBUMI-no-Honjitsu who had copied the footprints during Tang Dynasty. 黄書本実(きぶみのほんじつ)が唐で写し持ち帰った仏足跡を文室浄三(ぶんやのまひとちぬ)が夫人の追善のために写させたものである。
Ba Bao Zhou (Eight treasure congee) 八宝粥(はっぽうがゆ)
Ba-sashi: sashimi of horse meat 馬刺し 馬肉の刺身。
Babamaru 馬場丸
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