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l L;l [エル]
/(n) L/l/EntL2594100/
/(n) la/6th note in the tonic solfa representation of the diatonic scale/EntL2029700X/
lab ラブ(P);ラヴ(P)
/(n,vs) (1) love/(n) (2) (ラブ only) (abbr) lab/laboratory/(P)/EntL1139550X/
lab test 室内実験 [しつないじっけん]
/(n) {comp} lab test/in-house test/EntL2361250/
lab worker 研究員 [けんきゅういん]
/(n) researcher/lab worker/(P)/EntL1258540X/
label ラベル(P);レーベル(P)
/(n) (1) label (i.e. sticker)/(2) (esp. レーベル) label (i.e. record label)/(P)/EntL1139720X/
/(n) label (dut: Letter)/sticker/(P)/EntL1145530X/
下げ [さげ]
/(pref) tag/label/EntL2423430X/
下げ札 [さげふだ]
/(n) tag/label/EntL1184180X/
荷札 [にふだ]
/(n) label/tag/(P)/EntL1195280X/
札 [ふだ]
/(n) (1) token/label/(2) ticket/card/(3) charm/talisman/(P)/EntL1298970X/
張り紙(P);貼り紙;はり紙;張紙;貼紙(io) [はりがみ]
/(n) paper patch/paper backing/poster/sticker/label/(P)/EntL1427820X/
票 [ひょう]
/(n,n-suf) label/ballot/ticket/sign/(P)/EntL1489320X/
付け紙 [つけがみ]
/(n) tag/slip/label/EntL1495930X/
付け札;付札 [つけふだ]
/(n) tag/label/EntL1495920X/
付箋;附箋 [ふせん]
/(n) tag/slip/label/EntL1496460X/
名札 [なふだ]
/(n) name plate/name tag/label/(P)/EntL1531510X/
名礼 [なれ]
/(n) {comp} label (e.g. in programming languages)/EntL2390260/
箋;籤 [せん]
/(n) (1) slip (of paper)/(2) tag (usu. bamboo, wood, ivory, etc.)/label/EntL2456620/
label identifier ラベル識別子 [ラベルしきべつし]
/(n) {comp} label identifier/EntL2336380X/
label number ラベル番号 [ラベルばんごう]
/(n) {comp} label number/EntL2336390X/
label set ラベルセット
/(n) {comp} label set/EntL2336370X/
labeled 名前付き [なまえつき]
/(adj-f) {comp} named/labelled/labeled/EntL2276600/
labeling ラベリング
/(n) labeling/EntL1139710X/
ラベル付け [ラベルづけ]
/(n) labeling/EntL1139730X/
labelled 名前付き [なまえつき]
/(adj-f) {comp} named/labelled/labeled/EntL2276600/
labia 陰唇 [いんしん]
/(n) the labium/labia/EntL1170370X/
口唇 [こうしん]
/(n,adj-no) lips/labia/EntL1276410X/
labia majora 大陰唇 [だいいんしん]
/(n) labia majora/EntL2608510/
labia minora 小陰唇 [しょういんしん]
/(n) labia minora/EntL2608520/
labial gland 唇腺 [しんせん]
/(n) labial gland/EntL2446080/
labial sound 唇音 [しんおん]
/(n) labial sound/EntL1359950X/
labor レイバー
/(n) labor/labour/EntL2448570/
勤労 [きんろう]
/(n,vs) labor/labour/exertion/diligent service/(P)/EntL1241160X/
手間 [てま]
/(n) time/labour/labor/(P)/EntL1327410X/
働き [はたらき]
/(n) (1) work/labor/labour/(2) achievement/performance/ability/talent/(3) salary/income/earnings/(4) action/activity/workings/function/operation/movement/motion/(5) {ling} (also written as 活) conjugation/inflection/(P)/EntL1451040X/
役務 [えきむ]
/(n) labor/labour/service/EntL1624340X/
労 [ろう]
/(n) labor/labour/toil/trouble/pains/work/effort/striving/(P)/EntL1560210X/
労り [いたわり]
/(n) trouble/service/labor/labour/sympathy/illness/carefulness/attention/EntL1560230X/
労働力 [ろうどうりょく]
/(n) labor/labour/manpower/working force/EntL1560560X/
労役 [ろうえき]
/(n) work/labor/labour/toil/EntL1560630X/
労務 [ろうむ]
/(n) labor/labour/work/service/(P)/EntL1560610X/
労苦 [ろうく]
/(n,vs) labor/labour/toil/hardship/EntL1560270X/
労作 [ろうさく]
/(n,vs) toil/labor/labour/laborious task/(P)/EntL1560310X/
労力 [ろうりょく]
/(n) labour/labor/effort/toil/trouble/(P)/EntL1560650X/
labor administration 労政 [ろうせい]
/(n) labor administration/labour administration/EntL1955280X/
labor agitator 労働運動者 [ろうどううんどうしゃ]
/(n) labor agitator/labour agitator/EntL1560390X/
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