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ulcer 出来物 [できもの;でけもの]
/(n) tumour/tumor/growth/boil/ulcer/abscess/rash/pimple/EntL1580150X/
潰瘍 [かいよう]
/(n) ulcer/EntL1636160X/
ulcerate 腐爛 [ふらん]
/(n,vs) ulcerate/decompose/EntL1616830X/
ulceration 腐乱 [ふらん]
/(n,vs) decomposition/ulceration/EntL1624950X/
ulcerative colitis 潰瘍性大腸炎 [かいようせいだいちょうえん]
/(n) ulcerative colitis/EntL1998580X/
ulema ウラマー
/(n) ulama (body of authoritative Muslim scholars) (ara:)/ulema/EntL2457640/
ullambana 于蘭盆会;盂蘭盆会;盂蘭盆會 [うらぼんえ]
/(n) (See うらぼん,お盆) Bon festival/Feast of Lanterns/Buddhist ceremony held on July 15/ullambana/EntL1588490X/
ulp ウッ
/(int) oof/ough/ulp/EntL2002810X/
/(int) ulp/EntL2004010X/
ulterior motive 一物 [いちぶつ;いちもつ]
/(n) (1) (exp. いちもつ) plot/ulterior motive/secret intention/(2) thing/article/(3) (exp. いちもつ) penis/EntL1576300X/
下心 [したごころ]
/(n) (1) secret intention/ulterior motive/(2) kanji "heart" radical at bottom/EntL1185450X/
魂胆 [こんたん]
/(n,vs) (1) soul/(2) ulterior motive/secret design/plot/intrigue/scheme/(P)/EntL1290640X/
他心 [たしん]
/(n) other intention/secret purpose/ulterior motive/ill will/fickleness/double-mindedness/EntL1407190X/
他意 [たい]
/(n) ill will/malice/another intention/secret purpose/ulterior motive/fickleness/double-mindedness/EntL1406940X/
ultimate アルティメット
/(adj-f) ultimate/EntL2037520X/
究極(P);窮極 [きゅうきょく]
/(n,adj-no) ultimate/extreme/final/eventual/(P)/EntL1230040X/
終極 [しゅうきょく]
/(n,adj-no) ultimate/final/EntL1621270X/
ultimate component 末端成分 [まったんせいぶん]
/(n) {comp} ultimate component/EntL2389610/
ultimate decision 最終決定 [さいしゅうけってい]
/(n,vs) final decision/ultimate decision/official decision/finalizing/EntL2660180/
ultimate goal 最終目的 [さいしゅうもくてき]
/(n) ultimate goal/EntL1293980X/
ultimate leader 最高指導者 [さいこうしどうしゃ]
/(n) supreme leader/ultimate leader/EntL1293900X/
ultimate punishment 極刑 [きょっけい]
/(n) capital punishment/extreme penalty/ultimate punishment/EntL1240290X/
ultimate truth 真諦 [しんたい;しんてい]
/(n) ultimate truth/essence (in Buddhism)/EntL1580610X/
ultimately 詰まる所;詰まるところ;つまる所;詰まる処;つまる処 [つまるところ]
/(adv) (See 詰まり・つまり・2) in short/in brief/to sum up/ultimately/in the end/in the long run/when all is said and done/what it all comes down to/when you get right down to it/EntL1727630X/
詰まり(P);詰り [つまり]
/(adv) (1) (uk) that is to say/that is/in other words/I mean/(2) (uk) in short/in brief/to sum up/ultimately/in the end/in the long run/when all is said and done/what it all comes down to/when you get right down to it/(n) (3) (uk) clogging/obstruction/stuffing/(degree of) blockage/(4) (uk) shrinkage/(5) (uk) (See とどのつまり) end/conclusion/(6) (uk) (arch) dead end/corner/(7) (uk) (arch) distress/being at the end of one's rope/(P)/EntL1610430X/
ultimatum 最後通牒 [さいごつうちょう]
/(n) ultimatum/EntL1657700X/
最後通告 [さいごつうこく]
/(n) final warning/ultimatum/last notice/EntL2610700/
ultimogeniture 末子相続 [まっしそうぞく;ばっしそうぞく]
/(n) ultimogeniture/postremogeniture/EntL2670430/
ultra ウルトラ
/(n) ultra/(P)/EntL1026850X/
超高 [ちょうこう]
/(adj-no) extra-high/ultra/super/EntL2621040/
ultra high capacity 超大容量 [ちょうだいようりょう]
/(n) {comp} ultra high capacity/EntL2375390/
20 / 2438. 41 -60
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