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pacifist 反戦主義者 [はんせんしゅぎしゃ]
/(n) pacifist/EntL1680420X/
非戦論者 [ひせんろんしゃ]
/(n) pacifist/EntL1688870X/
平和主義者 [へいわしゅぎしゃ]
/(n) pacifist/EntL1508200X/
平和論者 [へいわろんしゃ]
/(n) pacifist/EntL1508240X/
pacifist constitution 平和主義憲法 [へいわしゅぎけんぽう]
/(n) pacifist constitution/EntL2000610X/
平和憲法 [へいわけんぽう]
/(n) (See 日本国憲法) pacifist constitution (often applied to the Japanese constitution)/constitution which outlaws use of arms/EntL2407490/
pacifist thought 平和思想 [へいわしそう]
/(n) pacifism/pacifist thought/EntL2661580/
pacifying the nation 靖国 [せいこく]
/(n) pacifying the nation/EntL1887570X/
pacing ペース配分 [ペースはいぶん]
/(n,vs) pacing (e.g. in athletics, etc.)/pacing oneself/EntL2145660X/
pacing off 歩測 [ほそく]
/(n,vs) pacing off (a measurement or distance)/EntL1691140X/
pacing oneself ペース配分 [ペースはいぶん]
/(n,vs) pacing (e.g. in athletics, etc.)/pacing oneself/EntL2145660X/
pack パック
/(n,vs) (1) pack/(2) puck/(P)/EntL1101700X/
一纏;一纏め [ひとまとめ]
/(n) bundle/pack/bunch/EntL1602000X/
荷駄 [にだ]
/(n) pack/horseload/EntL1195360X/
群れ [むれ]
/(n) group/crowd/flock/herd/bevy/school/swarm/cluster (e.g. of stars)/clump/pack (e.g. of dogs)/(P)/EntL1247510X/
駄 [だ]
/(pref) (1) (See 駄文・1) poor/low-grade/trivial/insignificant/worthless/(n-suf,ctr) (2) (See 一駄) load/pack/horse load/(n) (3) packhorse/EntL2648880/
罨法 [あんぽう]
/(n,vs) poultice/(cold) pack/EntL1790210X/
pack animal 駄獣 [だじゅう]
/(n) pack animal/EntL2629100/
pack horse 荷馬 [にうま]
/(n) pack horse/EntL1195410X/
pack ice アイスパック
/(n) ice bag/ice pack/pack ice/EntL2154970X/
叢氷;そう氷 [そうひょう]
/(n) pack ice/EntL1399070X/
package パッケージ
/(n,vs) package/(P)/EntL1101710X/
実装 [じっそう]
/(n,vs) package/implementation/mounting/insertion (of equipment)/EntL1321300X/
小荷物 [こにもつ]
/(n) parcel/package/EntL1744160X/
小包(P);小包み(io)(P) [こづつみ]
/(n) parcel/package/(P)/EntL1593290X/
包み [つつみ]
/(n) bundle/package/parcel/bale/(P)/EntL1515340X/
包み物 [つつみもの]
/(n) bundle/package/EntL1515410X/
package deal 抱き合わせ [だきあわせ]
/(n) package deal/EntL1747740X/
package media パッケージメディア
/(n) package media/EntL1101740X/
package name パッケージ名 [パッケージめい]
/(n) {comp} package name/EntL2320220X/
package of economic stimulus measures 総合経済対策 [そうごうけいざいたいさく]
/(n) package of economic stimulus measures/comprehensive economic measures/comprehensive economic stimulus package/EntL2667940/
package program パッケージプログラム
/(n) package program/package programme/EntL1101730/
package programme パッケージプログラム
/(n) package program/package programme/EntL1101730/
package tour パッケージツアー
/(n) package tour/EntL1101720X/
packaged software パッケージソフト
/(n) {comp} packaged software/EntL2320200X/
/(n) {comp} packaged software/EntL2320210/
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