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t T [ティー]
/(n) T/t/
t [ティー]
/(n) T/t/
t [ティー] /(n) T/t/
tRNA tRNA [ティーアールエヌエー]
/(n) transfer RNA/tRNA/
トランスファーRNA [トランスファーアールエヌエー]
/(n) transfer RNA/tRNA/
運搬RNA [うんぱんアールエヌエー]
/(n) transfer RNA/tRNA/
転移RNA [てんいアールエヌエー]
/(n) transfer RNA/tRNA/
tRNA [ティーアールエヌエー] /(n) transfer RNA/tRNA/
tab タブ
/(n) (1) tab (character)/(2) tabulation alignment/tabulation/(3) tub/
付け [つけ]
/(n) (1) fixed/(2) bill/bill of sale/(3) tab (for later payment)/credit/(P)/
tab character タブ文字 [タブもじ]
/(n) (comp) tab character/
tab code タブコード
/(n) (comp) tab code/
tab collar タブカラー
/(n) tab collar/
tab delimited タブ区切り [タブくぎり]
/(n) (comp) tab delimited/
tab key タブキー
/(n) (comp) tab key/
tab stop タブストップ
/(n) (comp) tabulation stop/tab stop/
tabbed browsing タブブラウズ
/(n) (comp) tabbed browsing/
tabby cat 虎猫 [とらねこ]
/(n) ocelot (feline, Felis pardalis)/tabby cat/tiger cat/wild cat (feline, Felis tigrina)/
tabernacle 会堂 [かいどう]
/(n) church/chapel/synagogue/tabernacle/(P)/
神殿 [しんでん]
/(n) temple/sacred place/shrine/sanctuary/tabernacle/(P)/
聖櫃 [せいひつ]
/(n) (1) Ark of the Covenant (Judaism)/(2) tabernacle (Catholicism)/
幕屋 [まくや]
/(n) (1) tent/(2) tabernacle/(3) small curtain-enclosed area (off a stage)/(4) Makuya (Original Gospel Movement of Japan)/
tabi 足袋 [たび]
/(n) tabi/Japanese socks (with split toe)/(P)/
単皮 [たび]
/(ateji) (n) tabi/Japanese socks (with split toe)/
tabla タブラ
/(n) tabla (Indian hand drums) (hin:)/
tablature タブラチュア
/(n) tablature/
table ターフル
/(n) table (dut: tafel)/
/(n,adj-no) table/(P)/
一覧表 [いちらんひょう]
/(n) list/table/schedule/catalogue/catalog/(P)/
時刻表 [じこくひょう]
/(n) table/diagram/chart/timetable/schedule/
数表 [すうひょう]
/(n) table (of logarithms)/
早見 [はやみ]
/(n) chart/table/
台 [だい]
/(n,n-suf) (1) stand/rack/table/(2) support/(3) belt/(ctr) (4) counter for machines, incl. vehicles/(n) (5) setting (e.g. in jewellery)/(n,n-suf,ctr) (6) level (e.g. price level)/range (e.g. after physical units)/period (of time, e.g. a decade of one's life)/(P)/
卓子 [たくし]
/(n) table/
卓 [たく]
/(n) table/desk/(P)/
表 [ひょう]
/(n,n-suf) table (e.g. Tab 1)/chart/list/(P)/
几 [き]
/(n) (1) (arch) armrest/(2) desk/table/
几 [おしまずき]
/(n) (1) (arch) armrest/(2) desk/table/
table charge テーブルチャージ
/(n) cover charge/table charge/
table cloth テーブル掛 [テーブルかけ]
/(n) table cloth/
テーブル掛け [テーブルかけ]
/(n) table cloth/
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