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Since ore (called country rock) is generally large and thick, it is not suitable for making small stone tools, therefore, flakes were often made first then made into stone tools (mainly chipped stone tools).
Finally, due to the accomplishment of centralization after the abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures (Haihan-chiken) and the reform of the system of Departments of State, it was possible to begin reform of the old Shogunate system.
However, Yoshinobu did not immediately resign from the position of shogun (he resigned on October 24), as governance by the shogunate still remained the same with the administrative system still in effect for the time being.
By this period, the right to cultivate by sakunin (local cultivators) was established as saku-shiki (the right of the cultivator), and the formation of soson (a community consisting of peasants' self-governing association) began to appear.

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