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1. _n. 1> боль; to feel a pang of pain - почувствовать приступ боли; I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. She was writhing in pain, bathed in perspiration. - remove pain 2> страдание, огорчение, горе; grey eyes that seemed filled with pain; 3> _pl. старания, труды; усилия; - take pains - be at the pains - save one's pains 4> _pl. родовые схватки - pains and penalties on/under pain of death под страхом смертной казни; to have one's labour for one's pains - напрасно потрудиться; to give smb. a pain (in the neck) - докучать кому-л.; раздражать кого-л. - a pain in the neck _Syn: ache, pang, stitch, throe, twinge _Ant: health, pleasure, well-being 2. _v. 1> мучить, огорчать; it pains me to think of you struggling all alone 2> причинять боль; болеть; my tooth doesn't pain me now - сейчас зуб у меня не болит _Syn: hurt

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