CR3(MSX mini game)

build COLUMNS like HTML5 game by BDS C

8 Apr 2017
MSX ROM cartridge file.
Support MSX-DOS and MSX-BASIC-OS too.

Control space key and cursor key.
if does not start then click here or cache clear.
Start push space key.
Control by cursor keys.
Support Android,iPhone,iPad(WebMSX 4.0-)
Support PC(WebMSX 3.0-. 4.0 does not work on IE 11.)
(WebMSX 3.0 does work on IE 11. but does not work sound)
(This page auto switching WebMSX 3.0 and 4.0)
Open sources.
2-Clause BSD License.
Supoort C Compiler: BDS C and HI-TECH C(CP/M)
but HI-TECH C supoort target only MSX-DOS.
BDS C support target MSX ROM cartridge ,MSX-DOS and MSX-BASIC-OS.

Document CR3 with asu-MSX Library for BDS C

Download CR3 Source files and Development Environment for Windows(24 Mar 2017)
(Old source. does not support MSX ROM cartridge.plese wait update.)

SPC2. MSX2 graphical COLUMNS like game by BDS C.lost source files.
BR. MSX2 blocks game by BDS C. lost source files.

Japanese NabetaJisho